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Overwatch: Overdue For A Ban!


I was extremely distraught upon my return from my four-year missionary trip protesting apostate churches in the dark continent to find that my so-called son has not only taken up being a disgusting quaker (which is only a hop, skip, and hellbound jump from overtly promoting terrorism), but he has taken up this game and a newer game he calls “Overwatch.” Let me tell you, I just about had a heart attack all over again when I saw it. Those of you with small children may wish to give them chores to do, that they might not be exposed to the wickedness I share with you for educational purposes only.

Just a handful of the sin I saw in Overwatch, put out by a company called “Blizzard,” behind the infamous “Worlds of War-Craft” game:

  • Women do battle with men almost as their equals, in blatant violation of their station as homemakers who submit properly to their husbands the way GOD intended.Revelation 17:6 is very clear that this is a sign of the end of days: “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of JESUS: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”
  • In the game, some robots are considered the equals of mankind even after they have nearly wiped man from the Earth. I would not believe that it needed saying that GOD alone set men and men only apart from the animals, not robots. If GOD intended for robots to be treated as mankind’s equals, HE would have done so from the beginning or would have at least mentioned them.
  • One of the so-called “heroes” is so far as I can tell some sort of (GOD forgive me for saying this) Buddhist and promotes not only meditation but blatant pansexuality, throwing his balls in the faces of every other character. I asked my son what in the world that wicked sinner was doing and he told me that this flagrant promotion of sodomy was his main “attack!” Now that, I believe, because it was indeed an attack on not only my sensibilities but also my son’s soul! I later learned that this hero, “Zenyatta,” (which is probably a nonsense word that is the start of a spell; I suspect saying it out loud is almost certainly sinful, and better safe than sorry) taught another character, Genji, a young oriental, about his wicked ways. If this is not proof that the homosexual agenda will not stop at the boundaries of the real world and are hell-bent (and hell-bound) on forcing even real characters into sin, I don’t know what is.270 (270×338)
  • A talking gorilla named Winston (an obvious anagram of “sin town”) is not only one of the heroes but a scientist who ‘reformed’ this group of anti-JESUS crusaders called ‘Overwatch’ after I can
    only assume GOD-fearing Christians in the game’s “lore” put a stop to them. This is about as blatant an advertisement for bestiality and evolution all in one as I have seen, at least since I returned to the Western world where GOD pays attention, and let me tell you, HE is listening, attentive, and steaming mad! Decades of creation science proving evolution dead wrong and here Blizzard is promoting the ludicrous and blasphemous notion that we ought to start letting apes talk as if they have souls. Abominable.
  • The game’s heroes mock CHRIST and HIS angels by portraying “Mercy,” a so-called ‘healer’ in the game, as being angelic, even capable of resurrecting the dead, which is capable through CHRIST alone! Worse, this medic is a female doctor in what I believe to be her mid-30s or perhaps even mid-40s, and she is not even married! To no surprise but great disappointment, my son told me about a pairing called ‘PharMercy’ where she is ‘shipped’ with another female character, which means that fans promote sodomy using them. Typical.There is one sliver of hope, friends. A hero called “Reaper” seemed to me to be an entirely wholesome kind of man, who through GOD’S love and redemption has taken it upon himself to rid the world of the other ‘heroes,’ although I feel the title perhaps applies only to him, and of course to JESUS. Spurned by the sodomites, he seems to have turned to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. He places these buggery-promoting, bestiality-loving, lucre-grubbing whores of Babylon where they belong, in hell with the rest of their kind. One of his voice lines even promotes the HOLY SPIRIT by saying “you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” which I took to mean that they look like they have begun to experience the HOLY GHOST’S blessed presence. This part made me smile, but my son told me that he was among the most disliked characters in the game (this world… ).

    My son tells me that Reaper “mains” (people who play exclusively as him) are known as “edgelords,” and I thought that was a fitting name, kings who give themselves over to the edge of GOD’S sword of righteous judgment. JESUS CHRIST was HIMself an ‘edgelord,’ as Matthew 10:34 tells us: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

    Ultimately, I do not believe the presence of one character doing the LORD’S work can make up entirely for a game which is otherwise jam-packed with the promotion of sodomy, idol worship, one-world-government promotion, vaccination (through a thoroughly rotten old Muslim hag named ‘Ana’), bestiality and a form of wicked onanism (some people are shown in relationships with anti-Christian robots! ).

    I am asking all parents, if you see your children playing Overwatch, do what I did: Drop a few magnets into their computer case to magnetize the sinful data away and leave it washed clean, then throw the magnets straight in the garbage and take it outside, that you might not keep sin in your household. My son tells me that his computer is “ruined” and I say good, if he feels I ‘ruined’ it by removing sin and putting in parental controls the old fashioned way, then clearly he has a lot of growing up left to do, and I as his father need now more than ever to be there to make sure my son never plays games like this again.



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