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Default Re: Over 2,500 Racial Slurs In a Month - 02-06-2009, 04:52 PM

This list, although by no means exhaustive, does show the beauty and imagination of Human language, given to us at the time of Babel.

It is worth checking a few facts here, no one wants to go upsetting Nigras by calling them Camel-Jockeys or Slants. Rope-straighteners, much less Camel-Jackers would be offended at being called a Fingernail-Rancher. Think how you would feel if someone merely asked if you were Catholic!

Yes, it’s awful to mis-cast the races, it’s probably an insult to God.

Today we cover D and E:

D.F.N. Blacks Dumb piffleing Nigger
D.I.P. Indians Dumb Idiotic Punjab
Dago Italians Slang for Italian, originally coming from Spain. "Diego" was a common name in Italy at the time this slang was first used. See: Wop.
Dago (2) Spanish Apparently the British use "dago" to describe Spaniards as opposed to Italians.
Dagowop Italians Combination of two slurs.
Dahati Iranians Like a hillbilly or redneck; a villager or someone from the country
Daikon Japanese The Dakion Radish is very popular is Japanese cooking.
DAK Koreans Dumb Ass Korean. Name given to Koreans by the Whites who visit the country.
DampBack Mexicans Part Mexican, not quite wet.
DAN Blacks "Dumb Ass Nigger". Used to conceal racially discriminatory remarks towards blacks when present.
Dancing Dragon Chinese During Chinese festivals, its typical to see many people in a long dragon costume in which they bounce up and down...usually in larger celebrations
Darkie Blacks Skin color.
Darkness Blacks Self Explanatory. Often used to describe a crowd of African Americans.
Data Asians From the move "The Goonies." Data was a stereotypical Asian child prodigy.
Dawg Blacks Some blacks call other "Dawgs". See: Homie
Ddang Kong Vietnamese Term used by Koreans to describe Vietnamese. Literally means "peanut". Reasons for this word: 1) it may be because the word sounds very much like the language. 2) because they are short, and Koreans have a tendency to call short people ddang kong (peanuts).
Dead Sea Pedestrian Jews See: Red Sea Pedestrian.
Dees-Right Arabs Arab people always ask "Is dees right, Is dees right?" (meaning 'is this right?')
Defendant Blacks They are known often as this in a court of law
Dema Icelanders dema refers to an ancestral deity in many mythologies that is murdered and then from the body comes some form of creation- i.e. a plant, or the sky. it's also the name of some lunatic chick who lives in iceland.
Demi-nigger Arabs Somewhat lighter skin tone than Blacks.
Democrats Blacks A popular political affiliation among African Americans. Also in reference to always wanting stuff for free.
Derka Derka Arabs From Team America: World Police.
Desi Indians Refers to native Indians, non-derogatory even humorous, "des" means "country" and "desi" means fellow countrymen
Desi (2) Cubans Reference to Desi Arnaz.
Destro Blacks Destro is the evil Cobra character from G.I. Joe.
Deuce Blacks On the Philadelphia police form, 1=white, 2=black
Dexican Mixed Races Dutch/Mexican mix.
Dial Jews During WWII, the Nazis would make soap out of the fat of the burned Jews (Dial is a brand of soap). This story is said to be true, and also said to be merely war propaganda.
Diaper-Head Arabs Same idea as Towel-head or Rag-head.
Dib Israelis Dumb Israeli Bastard. Commonly used by American Jews to deride the Israeli culture.
Dicksuckinflog Dutch 16th Century term for prostitutes accused of witchcraft.
Diesel Native Americans Rhyming slang, diesel engine = injun
Dim Sum Chinese Refers to the food. Used in the movie "Romeo Must Die."
Ding Dong Blacks Black on the outside, white on the inside. Blacks who act white
Dinge Blacks Used in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird".
Dingo piffleer Australians See Roopiffleer
Dink Vietnamese Used in the movies Apocalypse Now and Platoon to refer to the North Vietnamese. Comes from French Vietnamese "beaucoup dinky dau". Beaucoup means "very" in French, Dinky Dau is Vietnamese for crazy. Shortened, dink just means "crazy"
Dirt-Worshipper Native Americans Made popular by HBO's "Deadwood"
Dirty Knees Arabs In reference to the daily Muslim praying on their knees
Dirty Sanchez Mexicans Common Hispanic name.
Do-Da Blacks Black people stand by the mail box and ask the mailman, "Do 'da, do 'da welfare check come today?"
Doener Turkish Avery common Turkish food (meat and vegetables in a roasted bread)
Dog-Breath Koreans Eating dogs, plus mean temper.
Dog-Eater Asians They have been known to eat dogs; as seen on "Faces of Death" Volumes 1-6.
Dog-Muncher Asians See Dog-Eater
Dome Dominicans New York origin, Washington Heights region. Used by other Hispanics to refer to the Dominicans.
Domino Mixed Races Black / White
Donkey Irish It was cheaper to hire an Irishman than a donkey in the Pennsylvania coal mining days of the 1800's
Donkey Kong Blacks Donkey Kong was a large ape.
Dootie Blacks Refers to their dootie-brown skin.
Dorito Blacks Blacks have a fondness for Doritos.
Dot Knot Indians Dot (red dot on forehead) Knot (turbans on Punjabs)
Dot/Dot-Head Indians Refers to the "bindi" (dot) on their foreheads. The dot's significance relates to the marital status of an Indian female. Red dot: married; Black dot: single.
Dottie Indians Indians are the smart ones that put the "dot" in ".com"
Double A Blacks Shorter version of 'African American.'
Double D ArabsDesert Darky
Double Dip Blacks Used for extra-dark Blacks, appearing as if they were dipped in chocolate twice.
Doujin Blacks Japanese slur for blacks. Dou means dirt, jin means person.
Dozer Hispanics They always work on in the field of construction, thats were Bull "Dozer" comes into play.
DP Polish "Dumb Polish," pronounced "deepee." After World War II, displaced refugees of Eastern European origin were referred as Displaced Persons, however, it stuck around even today to describe Polish immigrants.
Drac Romanians Short for "Dracula" who is from a town in Transylvania which makes up a good deal of modern Romania.
Drago Russians Character from Rocky 4, the big dumb Neanderthal
Dreads Jamaicans Hair style.
Dreidl Jews Jewish toy
Drongo Australians A drongo is a very Australian word for an idiot
Drunk Irish Irish are stereotypically drunks.
Dryback Canadians Canadian cross the border on land mostly unlike many Mexicans who do so via the Rio Grande (see Wetback)
Drywaller Hispanics Hispanics do a lot of construction work and are usually paid very little or nothing.
Dub Ukrainians Dumb Ukrainian Bastard.
Duck Vietnamese Based on noises made by Vietnamese people speaking in their native tongue, everything comes out sounding like "duk-duk-duk". Also in reference to how old women walk.
Dumb Wet Hispanics Variation of Wet-Back, as used on an episode of X-Files.
Dumb-inican Dominicans People from Dominican Republic
Dune Coon Arabs Comes from 'coon' (Blacks) of the 'dunes' (sand dunes) in the Middle East. Also just Dunecoon
Dune Nigger Arabs Same ideas as Doon Coon and Sand Nigger.
Durka-durka Arabs How English-speakers hear their language(s). From the film "Team America: World Police"
Dusty Nuts Arabs It comes from Arabs living in the desert.
DWB (2) Blacks Driving While Black. Police-type term referring to blacks driving through white neighborhoods.
DWO Asians Driving While Oriental. Based on the idea that being Asian and driving is just as dangerous as being intoxicated and driving.
Dyke Dutch The country owes its existence to the many dikes that were used to reclaim land from the sea, also from the story of the Dutch boy who used his finger to plug a leaking dike to save his town. Van Dyk/Dijk/Dyke is also a very distinctive Dutch last name.
Dyke-Jumper Dutch Because of all the dykes in Holland, Dutch farmers used to use long wooden poles to pole-vault from one section of farmland to another.
Easy-Bake Nigger Jews WWII reference.
Egghead Asians Asians, especially Koreans, have large heads.
Egglet Blacks Black Children -- "little eggplant."
Eggot Blacks Tagalog word for black (Phillipines)
Eggplant Blacks Slur used mainly by Italians. See: Moolie.
Eggplant Parmesan Mixed Races Black/Italian mix
Eggroll Asians Refers to Asian babies who would be wrapped in blankets.
Egot Blacks A derogatory term used by Filipinos meaning "nigger".
Egoy Blacks Filipino racial slang for Black people
Eight Ball Blacks Color of the eight ball in pool
El Chino Chinese It was used by Ecuadorians in addressing Alberto Fujimori during war as a result of Berlin Congress in 19c where borders left apart. The war was almost on Cocaine- main source for living in Latin America. Fujimori is Japanese decent, immigrated to Peru at 5.
Elephant Jockey Indians Elephants were a popular mode of transport in Victorian and Pre-Victorian Asia
Elevator Operator Blacks Non-demanding job for education-less/trade-less person.
Eraser Head Blacks During the late 80's and early 90's it was popular for blacks to cut their hair at an angle, forming a bevel that look similar to those pink erasers that you used in grade school.
Ese Hispanics Pronounced "s-a." Roughly translates to "dude." Offensively used by races other than Hispanics.
Eskimo Native Americans Eskimo was once acceptable in Canada, and still is almost anywhere else. It means "raw meat eater." Eskimo originated from southern Indian tribes describing the northern Inuit, whom they were constantly fighting. Inuit take offence to being called Eskimos, despite the fact that they do eat raw meat.
Es-obe Blacks Meaning "Apes Obey!" Used by British Colonial masters in Africa commanding the African workers to get to work. The early colonized Africans, not knowing the meaning of the command also cultivated it into their language- using it among themselves to gather themselves to work efficiently.
Etch Indians Some say their music sounds like etch-a-sketch.
Etnikum Gypsy Hungarian word for "ethnic."
Eucalyptus Nigger Australian Aboriginals The eucalyptus is a native plant of Australia.
Eurinal Europeans Many European countries use pay-toilets, having to pay for public restrooms. Europe + Urinal
Euro Mediterraneans Represents whites of Mediterranean nations such as Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese. Named after the habit of starting every name with Euro. (Eurotunnel, eurotrash, etc)
Eurotrash Europeans A pseudo-intellectual who believes they are smart and Americans are stupid.
Ewok Arabs Refers to Muslim religious headdress resembling that worn by the Star Wars characters, "Ewoks."
Extra Crispy Blacks A southern expression that represents their burnt appearance, as well as their stereotypical love of fried chicken.

Ec:7:16: Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?

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