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Default Re: Over 2,500 Racial Slurs In a Month - 02-20-2009, 12:20 AM

Now we reach the Letter R. There's about 100 of these. I found Roman Candle Arabs Suicide bomber who's bomb doesn't go off as planned. quite imaginative.

Rab Arabs Rab short for "Arab"
Rabiz Armenians Armenian gangsters call themselves "Rabiz"
Race-Traitor Mixed Races White/Any other race mix. Term used by whites for any person of mixed race or who marries a non-white..
Racial Slurry Mixed Races Self-Explanatory
Racially-Challanged Non-Whites "Politically correct" way to insult people based solely on race.
Racoon Arabs Dark around the eyes
Rad Russians US army personnel use this as a short version of "comrade" in reference to communism
Radish Native Americans Red on the outside, white on the inside.
Rafter Cubans Rafting across the Atlantic to the illegally enter the US. Also: Raft Jockey, Raft Captain, Raft Monkey, etc
Rag Filipinos Filipinos (especially women) tend to have raggy looking course hair
Rag-head Arabs Referring to common head dressings of middle easterners.
Ragoona Blacks New Orleans white slang referring to the "doo-rag" which blacks frequently wear to keep their hair in place.
Ragu Italians Spaghetti sauce.
Railer Chinese They built the railroads all across the US.
Rail-Hopper Chinese In early America many Chinese were sent to build the railroads.
Raisin Asians Approximates "Rolling Asian." Refers to an Asian who rolls X-tacy, e.g. at a Rave.
Raisinhead Blacks Used on the TV show "Rescue Me"
Rake Somalians Somali's are very thin like a rake
Random Asians The facial characteristics of an Asian face are said to be very similar. For that reason all the new Asians who are around you in e.g the work force, school. are said to be randoms. Meaning they all look the same and are another random face.
RangoonAsians Chinese Food (Crab Rangoon)
Raq-Coon Arabs As in Iraqi coon (see: coon)
Rasian Asians Term used to describe when an Asian drinks and turns really red.
Rasputin Russians Rasputin was a historical figure in Russia.
Rasta Fazoul Mixed Races Jamaican/Italian. Pasta Fazoul mixed with Rastafarian.
Red (1) Native Americans Skin color.
Red (2) Russians Refers to the color of the Communist revolution, as well as old Red Russia. Too, "Red Army." See J. Edgar Hoover's use.
Red (3) Chinese When they became communist
Red Coat British Used during the Revolutionary War, because of the Red coats the British army wore.
Red Monkey Chinese China is a communist nation.
Red Nigger Native Americans Self-explanatory.
Red Sea Pedestrian Jews Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea from Egypt. Heard in Monty Python's "Life of Brian."
Redbone Blacks Used by darker-colored Blacks to refer to Blacks with a very light complexion. Origin unknown. Link
Redface Albanians Many Albanians seem to have a red face
Redskin Native Americans The term Redskin, came from two places, the skin color, then the cruel torture of skinning Native Americans for a bounty. Since their skin was red they started saying "red skins."
Ref Hispanics Many people use it in Southern Florida referring to the Latinos (mainly Cubans) that come to South Florida and don't speak English well
Reggie Blacks Common name, especially for famous Black sports stars.
Reggin Blacks Nigger spelled backwards
Reggina Blacks "A Nigger" spelled backwards
Remote Control Blacks Remotes are black and they do things for you. (slavery)
Re-nigg Blacks Explains a shift change at any of your local popular fast food establishments.
Reset Indians Comes from the common red dot on an Indian's forehead, resembling the reset button on many electronics
Rice Ball Asians Used in the Vietnam War to describe the enemy at times.
Rice Burner/Rice Rocket Asians Person who drives an Asian car that has modifications which are supposed to make the car look faster. No gain in performance is achieved. Shortens to Ricer
Rice Cracker Mixed Races Asian/White mix
Rice Nigger Asians Similar to sand nigger, but for Asians
Rice-Cooker Asians Australian equivalent of Rice Burner.
Rice-Eater Asians Popular food among Asians.
Rice-Paddy Asians Places where they grow rice in Asia and Japan.
Rice-Picker Asians Because they pick rice. Probably the Asian version of 'Cotton Picker.'
Rico Suave Hispanics The 80's singer/rapper of the same name.
Rifle-Dropper French Inability to win a war since Napoleonic times - loss of their colonies and their surrender of their homeland
Rigger Russians A Russian who thinks he is a gangster from the streets.
Ringo English After Ringo Starr of the Beatles. Used in Pulp Fiction against an English character.
River Nigger Mexicans Self-explanatory
River-Crosser Hispanics Self-explanatory.
Rizzo Italians Rizzo's pasta sauce advertises on dumpsters
Rjeindeer-Fjucker Norwegians More specifically applies to Scandinavian aboriginals (Saami), but most popular towards Norwegians. Refers to the abundance of Reindeer and silent J's found in this part of the world.
Roach (1) Mexicans They "infest" places
Roach (2) Blacks They come out at night to raise hell - turn on the lights and they scatter
Roach-Rancher Arabs Their apartments often have roaches, which they are forbidden to kill.
Roadblock Mexicans Called this because some have a tendency to travel slow, pacing one another on the freeway not allowing anyone else to pass. Mostly a Texas term, though it may be heard in any other of the 'border' states.
Rock Blacks Used by lifeguards, because they're always rescuing blacks; they sink like rocks.
Rock Ape Australian Aboriginals The rugged Aussie outback is full of rocks, the gins look like apes, hence the connection.
Rock-Chucker Arabs They don't have guns so they throw rocks
Rockfish Blacks Plays on the stereotype that blacks cannot swim, and will "sink like a rock." Also: "African rockfish."
Rod Polish Rod is another way to say Pole
Roid Blacks Short for Negroid.
ROK Koreans Troops from Korea sent to Vietnam to fight on the side of the United States. Not necessarily a derogatory term.
Rolling Stones Montenegrians They roll down from their mountains to come to Serbia. Slur used by Serbs.
Rom Romanians Same meaning and origin as "Roma"
Roma Romanians A large segment of Romanians are either Gypsies or of Gypsy origin. Non-gypsy Romanians find this very offensive.
Roman Candle Arabs Suicide bomber who's bomb doesn't go off as planned.
Roo Australians Commonly used due to their extensive supply of the specific animal "kangaroo", used as an offensive term to describe them and the way they walk. Often bouncing around and moving, like kangaroos.
Roo (2) Mixed Races Russian Jew
Roof Rabbit Killer Chinese Roof rabbit = cat. Chinese eat cat, therefore roof rabbit killer.
Roopiffleer Australians Kangaroo-fucker. Australian version of Sheepfucker. Used often on USENET and other internet forums.
Rooineck British South African version of redneck.
Rooinek British This derogatory name was used by the Boers to describe the British primarily after the Anglo-Boer war which lasted from 1899-1902.
Rook Russians Commonly used as a reference to the Russians' stereotypical chess prowess.
Rope-Head Blacks Name for younger black women who use thick, braided hair weaves because the end result often looks like rope.
Rope-Straightener Blacks Self explanatory
Rosbif British Rosbif has been a reference used by the French for the British for hundreds of years - long before tourist holidays. It is a reference to our eating habits, used as a reply to us calling them "frogs" after their habit of eating frogs legs.
Röstifresser Swiss "Hash browns eater". "Rösti" is the national dish.
Rosuke Russians Used by Japanese. Ro (Roshia) means Russia in Japanese. Suke is the suffix attached Japanese common name.
Round-face Slovakians They are said to have round faces.
Royal Hawaiian Blacks Blacks in Hawaii who attempt to pass themselves off as ethnically Hawaiian.
Rubberhead Canadians Heads bounce off ice in hockey games.
Ruble Head Russians Originated because of the national currency and it's origin.
Rufus Blacks After the character "Rufus Xavier Sasparilla" from schoolhouse rock.
Rug Merchant Arabs Obvious
Rug Pilot Arabs Same as Carpet Pilot
Rug-Rider Arabs See: Rug Pilot.
Runs, The Blacks The "runs" is a term commonly used to speak of diarrhea; also because black people are known to excel in running
Ruskie Russians The Russian word for the Russian language is pronounced "pa-rooski." Was popular during the Cold War.
Russian Swede Finnish A joke that the Finnish don't have an identity of their own.
Rutabaga Swedes Swedes cherish this thick bulbous edible yellow root; used as food and animal feed, which is even called the Swede or Swedish turnip.

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