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Default Re: Our policy on avatars - 03-08-2009, 09:18 PM

Originally Posted by Jeb Thurmond View Post
We believe that our comminity works better when everybody uses real pictures of themselves as their avatars.

However, due to the sudden onset of tyranny in the United States, we understand if some don't feel confortable posting pictures that will make FEMA's job easier when they try to round us up and put us in their FEMA death-camps. (Yes there are FEMA death camps. No, you can't find them on google-earth, because of google's liberal bias)

Thus we will tolerate a few avatars that are not literally photos of True Christians, but we do ask that you choose pictures of people that at least look like you, or can in some way represent you.

It is very disturbing to go to other forums, where people regularly converse with cartoon characters, kittens, sunsets, symbols, and video game icons. It is likely to bring about LSD flashbacks for those of us who survived the 1960s, when hippies regularily put LSD into water supplies.

No, my friends, the only things True Christians talk to are Humans, talking snakes, burning bushes, and fig trees that deserve cursing.

If you don't use your actual photo for your avatar, please say so here, and explain who your avatar is and why you chose them to represent you.
Brother, I am the FEMA assistant communications coordinator for Hawaii. WE will run the camps; and the first one, Landover West, will be a model for generations to come. "Work makes you free!"

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