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Default Re: God Hates Iceland! - 02-16-2010, 09:56 PM

Well, I tried the friendly approach. But this forum has filled me with more disgust than I ever thought imaginable! I'm not even sorry for all the things my fellow Icelanders have dumped on this site anymore!

And I'm a tolerant human being!

But you guys are piffleING INSANE! It makes absolute sense to me now that you fight just as filthy as the people who troll on your forum. You act like piffleing kindergarteners!

...and for the love of clean air...THAT'S A NORWEGIAN FLAG!

The very reason for the cross to be on our flag was to celebrate the Christian religion! A celebration!

Furthermore. God did not punish us with this financial crisis. It is the fault of a couple of rich idiots who thought they were playing Monopoly and they caused the bankruptcy of more businesses here than I can count! It's called REALITY you mormons! The result of mistakes!

You have insulted me and my nation and I won't stand for that. But that's one thing, praying for God to smite an employer who wouldn't accept 'Jesus' on a application form and for ones wife to be 'accidentally killed' are thoughts which belong in a mental asylum!

If this is what Christianity is to you psychopaths then I'll rather worship SATAN! According to the bible he killed about a 100 people while God wiped out the planet (the flood),'s lesser of two evils.

And speaking of evil: How about those white hoods, huh? You guys are probably VERY popular in Harlem New York, huh? You SICK BASTARDS!

And to sum up this veeery pleasant rant of mine:

The funny thing about all of this is that you scumbags still think you're right.

You think you have aaall the answers, don't you?

And no matter what everyone else says, you still think you're right...

...and that's some funny shit...that's some very funny shit...

Keep on preaching thought! Don't let us heathens stop you, 'cause if you would, what would there be left for us to laugh at? You guys are neccessary for a healthy dose of comedy!

Very SICK comedy...

Have a nice life you redneck bastards...what's left of it...
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