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Default Re: I found a weird book, is it ok to read it? - 09-29-2010, 11:04 PM

Originally Posted by Lycia The Repentant View Post
So I was visiting my new favorite Christian book store the other day when I found a weird book there. I forgot my wallet at home, but the clerk was so happy I had been recently filled and penetrated by the Gospel that he let me have it for free

Its called the Malleus Maleficarum. At first I wasn't worried about the name because I figured it was like those Hebrew names in the bible.

But then I saw it was for Catlicks!

But then I saw it was for hunting witches, so I just wasn't sure if its ok to be reading this. Can a True Christian™ man let me know if its ok? Or if I should just throw it in the fireplace and read a cookbook instead?
I really don't think it's worth reading. Everything you need to know about witches can be found in the KJV Bible. Remember that as a True Christian we have the God given right and responsibility to rebuke demons at anytime. That book basically puts Satan on equal footing with God and makes it look lie a True Christian™ couldn't spot a demon when they saw one. The book also talks about using astrology, divination and other evil tools in order to find witches.

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