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Default Re: FINAL PROOF! OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! - 12-20-2010, 08:36 AM

The "fatal-head-wound" of the Antichrist is the fact that all of Illinois knows already since 2008 that Obama's the Antichrist. Because they saw that Lottery draw. Also Newsweek published that news nation-wide so the Illinois peiople were shamed to have brought the Beast forth to the world.

By spreading this news by us believers, (in each our faith....I believe in prophecy and that 666 will realize as being true and effective) Obama's fatal head-wound will drag him down.

The Illinois people will rise against this beast.

There are reports he was a ten-year member of a gay-club in Chicago called "Men's Country" and went there with Rahm Emmanuel.

The club members testified they "knew" him i.e. knew him intimately.

This must be Sodom and Gomorrah.

Turn onto all this mess here
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