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  • Prayer Warrior
    If everyone had debt forgiveness all the time then what's in it for the people loaning? Soon nobody would loan out money then people wouldn't be able to get cars & homes without paying in cash. Then low-income people wouldn't be able to get to their minimum wage jobs. Loan forgiveness taken to an extreme would destroy our economy!

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  • Johny Joe Hold
    started a topic Have debt? Pope says Don't Pay it Back

    Have debt? Pope says Don't Pay it Back

    This Catholic Pope Francis guy can't seem to understand anything. He is now saying if someone owes you money, don't hire a bill collector and get your money back. He wants you to just forgive debts others owe you. The Pope should preach tough like Pastor Zeke. He should call himself "Foreclosure Francis."

    And then he talks about getting all kissy kissy with convicted criminals. At Landover Baptist we preach, "Lock'em up. Throw away the key." The Pope needs to read Pastor Zeke's sermons and learn to hammer home the condemnation of sin.

    Pope appeals for clemency, debt forgiveness during jubilee | Crux (cruxnow.com)