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  • Girls targeted for Feminazi training in kindergarten!

    This is disgusting. A five-year-old proto-lesbian is here in her own music video, declaring how it is more important to her to have a job than get married and have Soldiers for Christ.

    Notice the flames of Hell, as Satan expresses his infernal joy at her rejection of God's Plan.

    Is there any wonder our nation is run rampant with lesbians? And the men, having no women, turn to one another to relieve their lustful urges.
    Bible boring? Nonsense!
    Try Bible in a Year with Brother V, or join Shirlee and the kids as they discuss Real Bible Stories!
    You can't be a Christian if you don't know God's Word!

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    Re: Girls targeted for Feminazi training in kindergarten!

    This morning I was unable to switch the wireless off due to bathing & I might get electrocuted and so heard a secularist broadcast, free-to-air.

    It was a feminist propaganda piece in which numerous females (I'm loth to call them women) were discussing language. The Church, they said, was a vile institution having as its sole objective the enslavement of women, specifically as baby factories and objects of desire for libidinous men. These monsters, they continued, care nothing for the welfare of their "property" and would cocoon us in prisons of shame. That is the process - the child in your post is the product.

    "We are woman," they declared "and we say NO!" continuing with a tirade of gutter-talk such as will be familiar to any Christian who has ever been a satanic plaything mired in the dreadful pit of sin.
    Genesis 4:7 If thou doe well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sinne lieth at the doore: And vnto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule ouer him.

    Having disregarded the Perfect Love of God these trollops have nothing better to do than hang around seeking whom they may devour, enticing one another with honeyed words and the false promise of immortality in some Hadean garden of Earthly "delight" - the certain pathway to demon possession and contamination of everything they touch. Satan does not discriminate according to age.

    They were achieving this, they proclaimed, by OWNING THE WORDS[SIC] used to insult them (words like marriage perhaps? wife? not on your nelly). By CLAIMING THE TERRITORY[SIC] of odious "man" these wretches are "setting themselves free" have you ever heard such rubbish parents must be warned these harpies want your kids enrolled in their agenda and we know they want your kids to fry with them in HELL FOREVER..

    So listen to your family speaking. How do they treat certain words? Do they recoil from the gutter? Or do they "own" these words?