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  • The pen is...

    ..mightier than the sword, some say, but doth thous know not my Lord? In good book, Matthew ten - three four - He brought not peace, but sword. Awake! Awake, speakth His word, and listen for this thump. He comes to us by mouthpiece, in guise of good man, Trump! And with a pen, and at his desk, our leader surely can; with one swift stroke, made law decreed, lay waste to old Iran. A bazaar of towelheads scatter forth, think they had out ran, from God's own justice, U.S.A. cleansing dirty stain; Tehran. The brown people, line them up, aline them row on row, and one by one, gratefully kiss Donald Trump's big toe. It's the least they can to show their thanks, for clearing out the stain, of fascist autocracy; the true Islamic chain. Please Mr. Trump, our leader, express your orange-haired might, and declare death upon the devils, that make God puke on sight. Your pen is so large and strong, and yet you know no wrong. With a swift thrust from your tiny hand, put an end to Muslim-land!

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    Re: The pen is...

    Why is it that I feel the need to go into my room, lock my door, and praise Jesus as loud as I can whenever I read your poetry Mister Lombardo?

    Yours in Christ,

    My name is Maxine Levantine. I am 17 and follow the KJV Bible to a T. If you are wanting to hit on me you can turn away. THIS is reserved for Jesus and my future husband (whoever that may be).


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      Re: The pen is...

      Such talent on these boards!

      Say, would any of you artists on here want a manager? An agent? I know many industry types in NY who would love to represent genius lyricists like I see here.

      A small referral fee is all that's necessary. It's business, no?