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    Re: Let's solve the root problem of all root problems: stupid people are stupid

    Have you noticed though when [I don't like to use the word "idiots" but let's face it, they're] idiots want to justify an idea they've come up with, they'll open The Bible looking for support? And of course God can communicate information any time He likes to whomever He wishes; in these cases though the "information" rarely if ever comes from God. Instead the new idea is cobbled together from vaguely similar youtube response videos. You must have seen one: looking for a particular topic you happen across something and make it play.
    It's someone listening to something they haven't heard before making idiotic facial expressions as though they're amazed and you're being offered the opportunity to watch them do so. Often there's a soliloquy lasting anything up to an hour about how another youtuber didn't understand the first youtuber's response to whatever was sent for perusal by the zeroth youtuber looking for a reaction. “What an utter waste of electrons!” you'd probably have thought turning it off ASAP – but a hybrid of several such could form in an idiot's brain and manifest as a New Idea.

    It would be comprehensively nonsensical but for some reason they want Biblical confirmation for whatever they think God has told them, particularly when it flat-out contradicts that portion of His perfect knowledge God has already communicated. And the more explicit He has been, the more ardent they become in their contradictions. Perhaps they've decided to give words new meanings. For example if the word pomegranate were assigned a new meaning:
    Song of Solomon 8:2 I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother's house, who would instruct me: I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate.

    NEWS JUST IN ! !

    The word pomegranate.

    This no longer signifies the plant variety Punica granatum.
    Its new meaning is Atropa belladonna.

    Punica sp. will be known collectively as Gromboolians.

    Please use these words correctly and keep up with
    the latest new words. Current meanings shouldn't
    be taken as fixed and words as well as meanings
    may be withdrawn without notice at any time.

    As you can see, changing the meanings of words without telling everyone could result a fruit drink very different from what God intended. Nevertheless, by doing so a Dionysian cult could be inferred from The Bible, replete with ecstatic orgies and maniacs off their onions raving like idiots – which is about where we came in. If they want to do that, and anything connected with Dionysus is condemned very solidly in The Bible, why even bother referring to it al all? Their new idea has nothing to with God and nothing He does communicate will contradict anything He's taught us already. Reaction videos notwithstanding!