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  • mAnn Coulter defends Marjorie Taylor Green: "A #weeniechop made my career!"

    Landover's sweetest sweetheart, Marjorie Taylor Green raised some blood pressure yesterday with her Tweet calling attention to the otherwise unknown Republican practice of the #weeniechop. Apparently, Republicans are known to amputate their own members in obsequiousness to Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and the toad-like Mitch McConnell (who's known for his Gollum impersonations at Cato dinner parties).

    Marjorie Green is worried that LIEbruls at the Department of Health & Human Services will start grooming completely healthy Americans to adopt the sacred Republican practice of chopping off their own dick for the benefit of Republican antidemocratic principle!

    mAnn Coulter emerged from retirement and acknowledged -- in Marjorie Green's defense -- that without her own #weeniechop, Coulter would never have been able to spread the angry, unhappy slime she did... And non-MAGA believers had NO RIGHT, mAnn said, to dunk themselves beneath the bloody water that had made her -- and her Adam's apple -- famous.

    I loved Newt before Newt was invincible