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  • New Meme for Democrats: "Fruitopians"

    My maid has suffered some (completely unrelated to her recent diciplining) injuries, so I had to do the grocery shopping by myself. When I came to the frozen juice section, I found a product called "Fruitopia":

    The psychadelic imagery, utopian name, and healthy-sounding details show that this product is bought by democrats.

    As for the actual product, it's made the megacorporation Coca-Cola (which liberals hate), it's got no health value, in fact, it has just as much sugar as Coke does (which liberals hate). And how drinking it makes the world better? It doesn't even bother trying to explain.

    Yet liberals drink it down. Forget kool-aid drinkers, they're fruitopia drinkers.

    You can take any piece of garbage, put liberal tribal totems on it, and the liberals will buy it, and consider themselves better than you because they bought it.

    Forget calling the Democrats. Call them Fruitopians.
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    Re: New Meme for Democrats: "Fruitopians"

    Nailed it on the head Brother Jeb; liberals would rather vote for a communist to stop socialism in this country and run around to fake protests in the desert at the behests of corporations. They have no logic and the left is a complete joke.

    Time to reclaim our FREEDOM from the “Mullah in Chief” and his growing activist voter hoards of socialists, communists, anti-Semites, anti-Christians, atheists, radical gays and lesbians, feminists, illegal immigrants, Muslims, anti-Anglo whites and others.

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    Time to come clean on Benghazi Mr Obama!


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      Re: New Meme for Democrats: "Fruitopians"

      Fruitopians, wonderful handle. Also, since the word "fruit" carries the less than masculine implication we associate with liberals, fruitopian might be a synonym for "homotopian".
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        Re: New Meme for Democrats: "Fruitopians"

        Are those oranges shaped like a female ORIFICE?

        How can I call myself INNOCENT and UNTAINTED after seeing that filthy picture?


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          Re: New Meme for Democrats: "Fruitopians"

          Aren't frutopians people who only eat fruit? Or is this some sort of homer recruiting tool?
          Drama queen


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            Re: New Meme for Democrats: "Fruitopians"

            Originally posted by BelieverInGod View Post
            Aren't frutopians people who only eat fruit? Or is this some sort of homer recruiting tool?
            I think "fruitopians" are homersexuals who like to guzzle "man-juice".

            I won't explain what that is. Suffice it to say that I've encountered more than my fair share of fruitopians during my truck stop ministry.
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