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  • How to destroy liberal government: The Ingratitude Strategy!

    We've tried "starve the beast", cutting every tax at every opportunity, with the idea that government would collapse under the debt.

    The debt didn't grow fast enough, so we started spending on everything from bridges in Alaska to nation-building in Iraq.

    It still hasn't collapsed. We need to consider alternative strategies.

    Introducing "the Ingratitude Strategy". The idea is to show such ingratitude for everything government does that liberals just stop bothering.

    We're already doing this and it already works, I'm just saying that we amplify it.

    Examples of the Ingratitude Strategy in action:

    Silicon Valley Libertarians:

    "What has government ever done for the computer industry? Apart from inventing the computer, mouse, digital camera, GPS, email, HTML, well the entire internet….But did they invent the shiny screen? NO! And what good do all those inventions do without a shiny screen that can be used both as a mirror and also as a computer screen (when the lights are off and the curtains closed, anyway)."

    States with Republican state governments:

    "So what if before the New Deal, people in Mississippi and South Carolina were poorer than Cubans? When we pick up our welfare checks, we do it in a rugged individualistic way, completely different from the lazy, mooching way you blue staters write them"

    See how it's done?

    Keep being ungrateful, and the liberals will give up.
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