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    Re: A Christian widower is concerned

    Originally posted by Dennis Lukes View Post
    It may be a laughing matter, or it may be something more sinister entirely. Look at what Collinslaw posted on his profile. His interests include:
    • "Reading the Holy Bible" - telling us what we want to hear
    • "Swimming" - blacks can't swim!
    • And, most dubious of all, "working for a living" - I don't really need to elaborate on this.
    He also claims to be a lawyer. A lawyer? In Nigeria? Do they even have laws there? Do they even wear clothes?
    This was the multi-talented man who claimed to be both an immigration lawyer and an inheritance lawyer and then mysteriously disappeared?

    (Brother, I really wish you hadn't mentioned the possibility that he doesn't wear clothes, as I now feel quite unwell.)
    Vaccinated by the love of Jesus!!!