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Pastor's Rules and Announcements
Please read this. You are our guest. We will treat you like a jewel on the cushion of our hospitality. Or maybe not.
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15 91
Bible Study
Bible in a Year
KJV with Brother V
Topics: 366 Posts: 1,252
366 1,252
Favorite Bible Verses
Brother Harry's Bible Study and more!
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212 3,566
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Church Forums
The introduction forum
Attention Unsaved Trash: This the ONLY subforum you can start threads in. Here is where you introduce yourself. Tell us what church you go to and what your favorite Bible verse is and how you came to find Jesus.
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Last Post: Hello!
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Cranky Old Man
General Church Fellowship
A place for True Christians to join in praise, faith and fellowship.
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5,506 96,139
False Religions and Cults
Catholics, Wiccans, Lutherans, Satanists, Mormons, and more!
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2,560 73,031
Catholic Superstition
The lies of the Catholic "church" exposed in light of the truth of Scripture
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550 7,630
Please check regularly
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1,223 23,241
Godly Politics
Republican, Libertarian, Constitution Party, Christian Restoration Party welcome. No liberals or Demonrats allowed.
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4,229 49,560
WEDDING BELLS! - Christian Wedding Forum
A seasonal forum hosted by cyber Bridesmaids, Daisy Mae Johnson, Sister Mary Etheldreda and Sister Talitha . Groomly advice is also offered from Best Man, Pastor Zeke!
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83 3,358
Christian history forum
This forum is dedicated to the history of Christianity, and its impact on the history of the world.
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556 14,788
The Corona Virus
Among the seven last plagues.
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153 1,737
Landover to the Rescue - Christian Help Forum
A Christian Help Forum led by Sister Daisy Mae Johnson. Warning! Sometimes the Lord's advice is a hard pill to swallow.
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1,087 34,377
Creation Science
The origins of life and the earth from a creationist (Biblical) perspective.
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Last Post: Sinners in my oil?
1,424 56,591
Ezekiel Bathfire
Straight 4 Jesus! (Back Door Christians)
At LBC, we will cure your perversion of choice (even if we have to stone you).
Topics: 1,546 Posts: 32,393
1,546 32,393
Satan's Entertainment
Discussion for Movies/TV/Music/Video Games/Pop Culture. How HELLY-wood is destroying our society and parents can learn to protect their children from sinful influences like Disney, Pacman, and Tic-Tac-Toe.
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639 36,772
Who knows? The love of your life might be here! All the single men are GODLY and all the single ladies are virgins...........for the most part.
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238 11,503
Focus on Family - Christian Parenting
A place where parents can get good Godly advice on how to raise a family: how to properly administer corporal punishment, which movies to avoid, and more!
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1,422 41,817
Landover Baptist Lounge
Relax, Kick your shoes off. Praise Jesus!!! (Blacks and Homosexuals strictly prohibited!)
Topics: 1,275 Posts: 42,516
1,275 42,516
Isabella White
Promise Enforcers - Men Only!
We make Promise Keepers look like homers! No homosexuals or women allowed!
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794 24,175
Isabella White
Landover Today!
Freehold Elections 2010-2020
Full coverage of our Mayor elections!
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93 2,016
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Pastor Zeke's News Wire
Keep up to date with an ever-changing world from an even more Godlier perspective than FOX News.
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2,720 24,977
The Freehold Truth and Light Baptist newspaper
Featured editorials, letters to the GODLY Pastors of Landover, local news, advise columns.
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839 8,982
Auntie Flo's Prayer Shack for Women
For the women of Landover to discuss recipes, shoes, makeup tips, or whatever it is you natter about. Ensure you have the proper permission from your husband or father before posting.
Topics: 447 Posts: 11,973
Last Post: What is a vajayjay?
447 11,973
Romeo Rovagnati
The Thrifty Christian
Business, Investing and Finance Tips for True Christiansâ„¢
Topics: 170 Posts: 2,242
170 2,242
Landover Baptist War on Sin!
LBC's War on Sin
Serving God with True Christianâ„¢ art. Gays, Mexicans and Clinton voters not welcome!
Topics: 84 Posts: 23,568
Last Post: Who Does God Hate?
84 23,568

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