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A Critique of “Modern” Christianity

By Ezekiel Bathfire, Pastor for Diversity and Tolerance

In this sermon, I will amply demonstrate that “Modern Christianity” (so-called) is the greatest evil facing the nation and, more to the point, the eternal souls of its citizens and offer you a solution to the insidious threat.

There can be no greater duty for us all than to create the conditions in which we and our fellow citizens are assured of entry to heaven. This naturally involves the suppression of those who would attempt to defeat this Holy aim.

If you know you are in possession of the irrefutable truth, you have the absolute right to use whatever measures it takes to implement your ideas and the very fact that that you possess the irrefutable truth means that any opposing views are necessarily evil and must be suppressed.

Modern Christian biblical political correctness is the irrefutable truth writ small. In my study of the Bible, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of Modern Christian biblical political correctness was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, or to ensure Salvation, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to God’s Word’s the better.

Modern Christian biblical political correctness encourages personal, subjective values – by definition, this means that you reject God’s Stated Values.

When people are forced to remain silent on God-Given solutions to matters of race, slavery, homosexuality, the death penalty, immigration, high taxation and low-level representation, the equality of women, the value of daughters, education, creation, drugs, fornication, marriage, evolution, the right to bear arms, how to bring up your children, the sanctity of their own home, medicine versus prayer, patriotism, the foreign threats of pagans, Islamists, and Catholics, etc, etc.; when they are being told the most obvious lies or, even worse, when by the liberal media filled with air-headed, leftist, alien ideas; when they are brainwashed or forced into repeating those lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of the Fear of God – the very attribute that made an America, founded upon the values of fundamentalist Christianity, great!

To assent to be controlled by these obvious lies is to co-operate with evil and opens the gates to becoming evil yourself. Your standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

Liberal, fluffy-bunny, cherry-pick-the-verse Modern Christianity has done nothing more than give birth to a society of emasculated liars that is easy to control by the forces of darkness in the shape of atheism, socialism and the weak of faith and will.

If the Truth is irrefutable, alternatives are worthless.

This bears repeating:

If you know you are in possession of the irrefutable truth, you have the absolute right to use whatever measures it takes to implement your ideas and the very fact that that you possess the irrefutable truth means that any opposing views are necessarily evil and must be suppressed.

This, brothers and sisters is the time for the True Christian to take charge of the future and the future of your sons: we should never flinch from the absolute Commands of the Highest Commander in Chief, God! The present so-called progress of “human rights” has been built not on the sure Rock of the inerrant Bible (KJV 1611), but upon the shifting sands of fashion, convenience, an unwillingness to suffer for Salvation and, worst of all – “happy feelings”!

It is as if our present laws had been written by women weeping over the fate of millions of non-Christians they have never seen, met, or known.

How does it feel to live in a country that took 350 years of honesty, family values, and hard work (all based upon the Word of God) to build, and which has been dismantled and changed in a seventh of that time?

With your help all can be restored a a few years.


“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” A truth then and a truth now!

It is not too late.

When was the last time you saw the Headline “100% Satisfaction with the President and Big Government!”?

God has no interest in politics and earthly powers – He is the King of Kings; His Word is Law eternal – it does not change with the fickle, and He gets a 100% Approval Rating.

Successive Democrat regimes have created superhighways to the gates of the Pit of Eternal Darkness. Weak RINOs, bent on securing election have, in an attempt at self-aggrandizement, sold out the straight and narrow and preached a foreign doctrine – British Socialism; Swedish Communism; European laissez-faire, Japanese cars, leaving no help or guidance for millions and millions of God Fearing Americans.

There are wars, sickness, poverty and famine – the cause is disobedience to God. Are you happy with this?

The question for all America and then the World: “What are we to become?”

The choice is stark:
1. The Nation of the Damned.
2. The Nation Blessed by God.

Are you for
1. The Victory of Satan?
2. Everlasting Life in Paradise?

If you answered 2. in both questions, you should worship at Landover Baptist Church.

1. Landover Baptist Church is the only Church in the known world that preaches only God’s Word. We do not add, subtract, amend, or apologize.
2. There are no graven or molten images.
3. We await with Joy the Second Coming and the slaughter of the evil.

If you want to know what God wants of you – and this is the only way you can reach Salvation – you need Landover Baptist Church. We will be with you every step of the way explaining His Word without ifs, buts and without sweeteners. You will know God.


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MitzaLizalor (24-10-2015 12:21 AM): 2. There are no graven or molten images.This one really gets me. Just so often, described in the making of or the setting up with nails of or the being engraved or being cast the prohibition is so explicit, ...
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