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Ted Cruz is going to win!

By Levi Jones Associate Pastor of Theology

I know I am starting to feel the Cruz control.

Don’t get me wrong. Dr. Ben Carson is clean and well spoken. He is truly someone I admire for his ethics and his steadfast hold on scientific facts about creationism, but the man worries me.


First off, he may not have enough foreign policy experience. Carson couldn’t even name a single ally of the U.S. He doesn’t even know about our great grizzly friend watching over us across the Bering Sea. That’s not someone I feel comfortable with his finger on the button. He may not even know who to nuke when the time comes for Armageddon in the next 8 years.

putin riding bear

As of today, we like Putin. Tomorrow he will probably be an enemy.

 Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist.

SDA’s also ADD the keeping of the Sabbath day to faith in Christ, which is NO faith at all. Either you are trusting Christ 100% or else you are not trusting Him at all.

On the other hand, Cruz is an actual Christian.

“I’m Cuban, Irish and Italian, and yet somehow I ended up Southern Baptist.”

Ted Cruz has constantly stood up for churches and pastors who want to teach their congregations how to vote correctly. He lives and breathes Jesus Christ in his every pore, much like Rick Santorum did without having the baggage of being a Papist.

tedcruz church TedCruz praying

What has Carson really done, besides defy God’s will by cutting into conjoined twins and hock books on the campaign trail?

Ted Cruz was raised in Texas, arguably the most Godly and conservative state in the Union. It is full of family values, colorful history, a business friendly environment, low taxes and lax gun laws.

texas heaven

On the other hand, Ben Carson is from Detroit Michigan. A rotting crime ridden cesspool of liberalism and labor unions!

Can we really trust someone who lives in a place like this to truly uphold Christian conservative values? What’s to stop Ben Carson from suddenly going all soul brother and start giving 0ut $100,000 welfare checks annually to those people once he gets the presidency?

Speaking of his people, the last president was black. After Obama was such a disaster, can we really afford another black president? We got along fine in this country for 233 years without one. Shouldn’t we wait another 233 years for another?

Ted Cruz is half Mexican, but he is from good European stock. His father is a Spaniard whose family comes from the Canary Islands. His family was rich in Cuba. When Castro took power, they lost almost everything. They swore revenge against the dictator. Ever since then, they have been staunch republicans. And his mother is a regular American.

Cruz’s family made their fortune in the oil industry in Alberta, Canada, so we know they don’t believe in global warming.

On the other hand, Carson’s father was a bigamist and his mother worked as a poor maid who even took food stamps and big government assistance to live! Much like we did with Obama, we should question whether the apple falls far from the tree it barely knew. I mean, sure Carson says he is against welfare now, but his mother took welfare to raise him. Again, how do we know Dr. Ben isn’t going to change his mind once he gets the presidency and start giving those people free stuff?

Brothers and sisters, if Ted Cruz becomes the president, he will make it to where we can endorse him. Currently churches are so persecuted in the USA that we risk our tax free ride to do so!

I think we all need to pray and listen really, really hard as to which candidate the Holy Spirit is leading you to caucus for in Iowa. I think the answer will come to you clearly in black and white.

God is telling me that Ted Cruz will win the Iowa GOP caucus.

Nobar King (04-05-2016 08:29 AM): Ted Cruz will ALWAYS be a winner in my book. ...
WilliamJenningsBryan (04-05-2016 09:19 AM): Brothers, we should all consider that Ted Cruz made a fatal mistake in the last few days that angered God. Cruz announced that his running mate for Vice President was Carly Fiorina (an Italian papist sounding ...
Redeemed Papist (04-05-2016 06:27 PM): Its only a matter of time until confessions about gay sex in sweaty truck stops come forth. I'm getting one of those Ted Haggard feelings about this. Cruz always looked a bit less manly than I would like 2 ...
Johny Joe Hold (04-05-2016 07:03 PM): God's glory is revealed in this warning about trusting in false vessels. You make great points, Redeemed. For myself, I think Ted Cruz tried to be too nice. He did not criticize enough. I'm sure he ...
Redeemed Papist (04-05-2016 08:18 PM): God still hates America for voting in the nig, I fear. Hence why he gave Cruz over to a reprobate mind and is using Trump as a means to show us how fickle the false Christians are. Landover may need ...
Levi Jones (04-05-2016 08:34 PM): God still hates America for voting in the nig, I fear. Hence why he gave Cruz over to a reprobate mind and is using Trump as a means to show us how fickle the false Christians are. Landover may need ...
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