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Pastor Coach Dave Daubenmire doesn’t want the gay agenda ramrodded down his throat.

daubenmire Yes you, sodomite.

Coach Dave Daubenmire is hot over the gaying of America. He is urging open rebellion.

He compares the gay menace to big muscular gay soldiers forcefully ramrodding their agenda down our throats. And the destruction they’ll do. You know what I mean, coach. Don’t make me say it. There are ladies that read this forum.

sfw_33Leaving it like Atlanta and all the south after Sherman completely rammed freedom for slaves down their throats. He completely wrecked em so soundly, the south still hasn’t fully recovered in parts his massive swollen army penetrated.

It’s okay, coach. All normal straight men think this way. We often compare sodomy to war and then we think about gay soldiers marching on Atlanta where those veiny black men were just waiting to be freed, so they could get uppity.

The kind of uppity that makes them do stuff to you and your wife at the same time. Shhh.. shhh it’s okay. Totally a normal fear.

“Transgender” restrooms are all of the rage in America today. In fact, they have become so important to the sexual deviants that it has now garnered the support of the Obama administration as they try to ram-rod sexual anarchy down the throats of mainstream America.

This fight is not about restrooms, although that is the avenue that they have chosen to drive their legal bulldozers down in their attempt to change the landscape of America. This sodomy-focused army is hell-bent on removing all sexual standards in this nation. Their blitzkrieg through the courts would rival the cultural destruction of Sherman’s march to the sea.


Yes you, sodomite.

Pastor Coach Dave does this for Roy Moore. The Alabama Chief Justice who is refusing to bow on his knees to this gay marriage Christian hating thing. Clearly, the ruler of Alabama Roy Moore is on God’s side, as Alabama was on God’s side in integration, anti-miscegenation laws and the aforementioned slavery.

Here is another of Coach Dave’s classics. This one is amazing. It’s full of mooing at you false Christians. Daubenmire laments the passing of old fashioned fire and brimstone preaching and exhorts us to a revival of the nourishing teachings of old. MOO!

“Feed my sheep”, Jesus said. So the churches did. The new, seeker-friendly menu was great for business. The cafeteria was full, and more customers were coming every week. A generation starving for spiritual nourishment was being spoon fed poison meat.

Consider the entrees these enlightened chefs served.

“Jesus loves you in spite of your sin. He will be your best buddy”
“Divorce is okay because God wants you to be happy”
“Jesus died to deliver you from poverty. He wants you rich”
“God made you gay. He loves you and so do we”
“Abortion isn’t murder. It is a difficult choice between a woman and her Dr.”
“Open hearts, open doors, open minds”
“Who are you to judge?”
“All religions are the same. People just have different names for God.”

Sort of makes your stomach growl, doesn’t it?

Pardon my cold-heartedness PETA, but the chickens have come home to roost.


Moo, moo, buckaroo.

Someone call the FDA! Some pastors are spreading Mad Cow disease and America is losing her mind!

Check the symptoms. Gays want to marry and churches bless the union. In fact, we now have gays offering the sacraments. MOO!

Fifty percent of all Christian marriages end in divorce and the Church crows about defending the sanctity of that union. MOO!

We have condoms to prevent disease and abortion to prevent children. MOO!

We educate our kids in Godless schools but rave about their sports program. MOO!

Here Daubenmire speaks out as a warrior in the war on Christmas. He says it’s not enough to have our Christmas programs in the church. We should be able to have them out in the open!! But not on just private property. We should be able to march on the courthouse and preach the Gospel of Jesus over everyone.

Try as I might, I can’t get past the fact that, to me anyway, Christmas is more than a “holiday Season”. It is the prelude to the central event of my Christian Faith. Without Easter, Christmas is meaningless. The Christmas story is not about the birth, it is about the death.


Think of the time, energy, money and man-hours that go into these birthday parties. It is the highlight of the year. Live manger scenes, living Christmas trees, choir concerts, children’s programs. For many churches, the celebration is so big that most of the congregation has to take all of January off just to rest up from the month-long fiesta.

All the while, the God-haters are at work, in our schools, at the work place, in our government conniving to undermine all that we hold true. Being driven by these forces into the safety of our church walls, we are content to have lavish celebrations, free to worship in the box that the secularists have placed us in, too scared to fight back.

Who in their right mind could object to that? I wonder if we could invite him to speak to our church.

We can all even dress up in camo together and go camping in the woods, Coach. Maybe we’ll even run into some homos we can hunt together.


Des (14-05-2016 03:59 AM): Why aren't parents explaining the horror of the situation to their children and letting the class Character Building children do what they've done since the first schoolhouse was created; beat the sin ...
Redeemed Papist (14-05-2016 11:54 AM): Why aren't parents explaining the horror of the situation to their children and letting the class Character Building children do what they've done since the first schoolhouse was created; beat the sin ...
WilliamJenningsBryan (15-05-2016 12:06 AM): I can remember the days when the LIEberals were shouting "Freedom", "Privacy", and "Get Big Government out of our Bedrooms" - an almost Republican sounding message. Almost all anti-sodomy laws were either ...
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