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WARNING! Extreme sexual content – animals that should be banned and avoided by Christians at all cost.

Brothers and Sisters, depravity of Darwinist monkey-worshiper does not stop on verbal and direct attacks on God. They also use animals against Christianity.
Here are just few examples of species that should be banned all together. Keep your children and loved ones away from these creatures perverted by evilutionists. List will be updated later on, feel free to add on the list yourself as well.

Great tit
There is nothing great about tits. This is some feminazi ruse to glorify filthy lady bits.
Same thing here, trying to teach that it’s OK to talk about boobies.

Sperm whale
One of the most deviant of all creatures. Spearhead of gaysexual agenda.

Another really perverted animal, made to promote self pollution with masturbation and making it cool to talk about tallywhackers openly.

Horny toad
I don’t even have words. This is shamelessly promoting fornication and premarital sex! Disgusting.

Complete list of non-Christian animals so far

  1. Great tit
  2. Booby
  3. Sperm whale
  4. Woodcock
  5. Horny toad
  6. Pussy Willows
  7. Woodpecker
  8. Cockatoo
  9. Aardvark
  10. Cock
  11. Naked mole rat
  12. Cockchafer
  13. Dik dik antelope
  14. Rough-faced shag
  15. Hawaiian aholehole
  16. Titmouse
  17. Non-biblical asses
  18. Pink dolphin
  19. Pink fairy armadillo
  20. Geoduck
  21. Homotherium

Alvin Moss (31-08-2016 01:08 AM): How can you people be so brainwashed by this cult? These are just names. Get over it. //// Peace out Clearly, you have not come among us to fellowship. There can be no such thing as a homosexual Christian. ...
anthonyhonciano (14-12-2016 11:26 PM): Clearly, you have not come among us to fellowship. There can be no such thing as a homosexual Christian. I don't know how exactly you found your way here, but it is due to the Lord's pleasure. Of that ...
Alvin Moss (14-12-2016 11:39 PM): Still surprised that much energy is given to deny these creatures existence in your education, based on human identification. If humans weren't around, would they still be damned? This is something new. ...
Titus Templeton (15-12-2016 01:35 AM): I am more and more convinced that Darwin was actually Jack the Ripper. His mind was full of very dark sexual ideas especially when it came to naming animals. He tried to hide from God but at the same time ...
lovesnivy (07-01-2017 12:33 AM): You sir, are hilarious. This is just.... I swear you actually made me laugh, you have gotta be kidding me! ...
Salvation-Bot 3000 (21-03-2017 12:14 AM): Thank you for this explanation. I was a bit confused as to why these names are dangerous, because in Genesis 2:20, it says that Adam names all of the animals, but perhaps some of those animals were named ...
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