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The Hoosier Cavefish – Proof of Intelligent Design

I often survey Scientific reports to see what secular scientists have omitted from the truth in order to deceive us. This report is no different. It contains no mention at all of The Creator…

Hoosier cavefish: New species from caves of southern Indiana has an anus right behind its head
A new eyeless cavefish is described from Indiana and named after the Indiana Hoosiers. It is the first new cavefish species described from the US in 40 years. Notably, it has an anus right behind its head, and the females brood their young in their gill chamber.


It is truly remarkable that God created this fish that appears to have no use but to support John:9:1-3.

To other fish He gave eyes but He did not put them in caves. The sure sign of a Designer.

I’m not sure why it should have an anus behind it’s head… Probably Adam called it the Hoosier cavefish because God told him that Hoosiers would be known for having shit for brains.

Witch Hammer (03-07-2016 11:00 PM): I don't know if this adds anything of merit to the conversation, pastor, but that fish strikingly resembles a clean, healthy TC penis. Just saying... ...
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