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Dear Social Justice Warriors, thank you for electing President Trump

It is time to be gracious in victory.

I will start by thanking the politically correct social justice warriors.

Thank you folks, there’s no way we could have done this without you.

Just look at how Hillary announced her campaign. I can just imagine what was going on inside the heads of her campaign staff as they watched this:

“Uh-oh, we forgot a certain demographic group. Is someone else going to mention that we totally forgot a major demographic group? A really big one. The biggest one, actually. Uh-oh, nobody has mentioned it yet. Should I mention it? What if I get called racist and sexist?”

That same mental conversation continued for 514 days.

Free speech doesn’t just mean a lack of people in jail for speaking out. Free speech is a culture of open communication intended to keep a society from falling into delusions. Delusions like forgetting that white men exist.

You got so used to bullying urban white men into submission that you actually thought the submissiveness of all whites could be taken for granted. Many people don’t seem to even know there are white people outside of cities, see the popular website and book series Stuff White People Like.

Anyone who heard democrats talk about strategy in the last 4 years couldn’t last a few minutes without a celebration that a certain someone is about to be a member of a racial minority. And we all know how to treat racial minorities. Coincidentally, for the last 4 years, talk of equality, colorblindness, and moving beyond skin-deep stereotyping was replaced with “payback’s gonna be a bitch“.

You still have time to return to MLK’s way. Repeat after me: “I’m so sorry, I’ve never had to deal with power before, I had no idea how intoxicating it could be. I got carried away and missed the whole point of what I was trying to do. Now I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Free your Mind, and the rest will follow. Be colorblind, Don’t be so


I’m old enough to remember when this song wasn’t hate speech yet.

After you’ve done that (I predict it should take about 2 years or so) you can move onto my advanced advice: try pulling a Micheal Moore and show understanding and empathy for your opponents:

Fail to do this, and in 2020 you’ll once again experience the jaw-dropping shock, that sick feeling in your stomach as you realized that there are no “bias response teams” in the voting booth.

Here’s an article from an expert on how liberals should respond to nationalism, notice how Clinton’s campaign was all about doing the opposite:

“…we can best limit intolerance of difference by parading, talking about, and applauding our sameness…. Ultimately, nothing inspires greater tolerance from the intolerant than an abundance of common and unifying beliefs, practices, rituals, institutions, and processes. And regrettably, nothing is more certain to provoke increased expression of their [deplorable] latent predispositions than the likes of “multicultural education,” bilingual policies, and nonassimilation.”

…globalists could easily speak, act, and legislate in ways that drain passions and votes away from nationalist parties, but this would require some deep rethinking about the value of national identities and cohesive moral communities. It would require abandoning the multicultural approach to immigration and embracing assimilation.”

It was written just after Brexit, an event which could have been a wake up call, had “wake up” not been considered hate speech.

Your other option, the one being currently taken by default, is to double-down on The Strategy That Failed To Beat Trump. And then see if it works against a candidate who doesn’t have Trump’s flaws as a campaigner.

Because while I’m not sure if Trump is Hitler 2.0, I do know for certain that what you’re doing is not how we defeated Hitler 1.0. Hitler 1.0 wasn’t beaten by the purple-haired nudists currently having hissy-fits in the streets. He was defeated by (mostly) white males who were willing to conform on superficial issues, work together with people they disagreed with, and just plain get things done.

“I hope we don’t look gay….Being cis-normative is for Nazis!”

Keep it up and in 4 years I’ll thank you again for re-electing Donald Trump, or for electing a smoother, more effective version of him.

You might ask “Why are you giving advice? You’re a concern troll, aren’t you?

I’m doing this because I know you won’t take advice, and I’m going to have lots of fun linking to this post in 2020 and saying “I told you so!

So once again, thank you social justice warriors, we could not have done this without you.

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