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The Book of Revelations of John The Divine

The Book of Revelations of John The Divine

This final Book of the Bible is often misunderstood as the rantings of a madman who is suffering a psychotic episode but has, nevertheless, been able to access a typewriter contrary to the rules of the institution. It is also thought of by ridiculing atheists and Catholics as a triumph of obscurity over clarity, which allows them to make up stupid explanations that just happen to be in line with their personal Satanic beliefs and Satan’s Plan for Mankind – ironically, these people are bringing about the events that unfold in the Book.

Some so-called scholars who claim, in some way, to be “Christian” make the connection between the number 7 that keeps appearing as a reference to the 7 hills of Rome, For every “7” that Rome has, God has another “7” to counter it. 

Note also that the number twelve that makes several guest appearances. It is seen by those who need some sort of “evidence” for their so-called “Faith” as symbolic of the 12 tribes of Israel, who are mirrored in the 12 Apostles. (I’m sure we all know the joke that ends “So that makes Simon Peter of Gad, not God!” )

You can see why this might be assumed: John knew that Rome, a heathen Empire, would be overthrown because Rome persecuted Christians contrary to God’s Commands. And we know that, in line with Jesus’s prophecies, 12 Tribes of Israel are mentioned on numerous occasions in the Bible and so are the 12,000 of each tribe.

However, if 7 is accepted, it means that 12 should also be accepted and that would mean that only Jews got into heaven. This cannot be so, because Jews don’t put their faith in Jesus which is the only way to get into Heaven. Either that or that True Christians™ get into Heaven directly, but Jews have to wait. Personally, I am not overjoyed with the idea of being in Heaven when a load of Jewish Refugees, even with quotas, arrive – the whole tone of the place will change.

Another problem also arises – John says Jesus is coming “any moment now” – this is of course, not a problem, it is true, and always has been.

The only safe way of interpreting the Book of Revelations of John The Divine is literally. This gets rid of all the problems instantly and, as we know that God doesn’t want us to have problems, especially in Heaven, then this must be the correct understanding.

The broad thrust of Revelations is that if you believe in Jesus, you can skip this Book as it doesn’t really affect you – you are going to Heaven anyway. 

False Christians do skip it too, but that is because they have some strange idea that because they can’t get their head around a beast with 10 heads and 12 crowns or some such, or because the idea of millions being thrown into Hell does not accord with their liberal left view of life, that none of it can be real – Let me tell you… It is as real as God!


  • John The Divine hears God telling him what will happen, Jesus is going to arrive soon and in force and so John should tell everyone
  • John, who is himself in exile because of persecution, is on Patmos, tells Christians that they are persecuted by Rome
  • John hears a voice and it’s Jesus who gives him the idea that he should write to the seven churches in Asia Minor telling them where they went wrong. They are in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Jesus tells him what to say.
  • Jesus has white hair and his eyes of flames. His feet are made of bronze and his voice sounds like running water. He is surrounded by 7 candlesticks and carries seven stars in his right hand. A sharp sword comes out of his mouth
  • Jesus tells John to write down everything he sees in a vision that he will be given.

A Message for Ephesus

  • They’ve lost the idea of “love”.

A Message for Smyrna

  • Jesus knows the people in Smyrna have been persecuted but if they’re faithful ’til death they’ll live with Him, otherwise, it’s the Fiery Pit.

A Message for Pergamum

  • Jesus hears that some in the Church are teaching that it’s okay to make sacrifices to the Roman gods. But, Jesus clarifies, it is most definitely not.

A Message for Thyatira

  • Jesus knows that they’re doing good works. But He also knows there’s a woman called Jezabel whose been putting her favors about like a demoncrat, lieberal, hippy, and worshipping idols. They should stop this.

A Message for Sardis

  • Jesus tells this church that, half of them are OK, but the rest need to straighten themselves out with Him… or else.

A Message for Philadelphia

  • Just keep the faith, Jesus tells them. If they do, they’ll all get God’s name written on them.

Message for Laodicea

  • This church is kind of lukewarm and will be spewed out unless they change their ways

Stairway to Heaven

  • Jesus shows John Heaven with 24 Elders and God – God’s seat has a load of weird but Godly animals around it who sing His Praises day and night.

Seals (Not Navy)

  • John notices that God is holding a scroll with seven seals in his hand.
  • A slaughtered lamb with seven horns and seven eyes takes the scroll from God and everyone starts singing, cheering, shouting, rejoicing.

The Four Horsemen

  • So, the Lamb opens the first of the seven seals.
  • Immediately, John sees a white horse. Its rider has a bow and is wearing a crown. He is called Faithful and True and is The Word of God – He is Righteousness who will ethnically cleanse the Earth of Evil.
  • The Lamb opens the second seal. John sees a bright red horse. The guy riding this horse has a huge sword… This is War.
  • Then, the Lamb opens the third seal and out comes a black horse. Its rider has a pair of scales in his hand. This is Famine and the only one of the horsemen to speak – He suggests investing in grain futures.
  • Next, the fourth seal is opened. John sees a pale green horse whose rider is Death himself. And Death is given authority to kill people all over the Earth.

More Seals 

  • The Lamb goes on to open the fifth seal. John sees all the Christians martyrs who are shouting for vengeance.
  • The Lamb then opens the sixth seal.
  • Suddenly the heavens go crazy. There’s an earthquake and the sun becomes black. The moon turns to blood and the stars fall out of the sky. All the kings and rich people and other powerful people on Earth try to run and hide from the Lamb.

The Elect Get Heaven

  • After this, John sees four angels standing at the four corners of the Earth holding back the winds, Another angel tells them that they still need to mark the foreheads of the 144,000 Elect.
  • Then, John sees many people from standing around God’s throne wearing white robes and holding palm leaves who are praising everyone around. These are the Elect and have tenure in Heaven.

The Seventh Seal

  • Next, John sees the Lamb open the seventh seal. And eventually seven angels with seven trumpets stand in front of God.

The Trump

  • When the first angel trumpets, hail and fire mixed with blood starts to rain down on the Earth.
  • The second angel blows his horn and a burning mountain falls into the sea.
  • The third angel blows and a star named Wormwood falls from the sky and pollutes the water.
  • The fourth angel blows his horn and the sun, moon, and stars get dimmer.
  • Then a horrific eagle sums up, saying, “Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth.”


  • Then John sees another angel coming down from Heaven with a tiny scroll and that John must eat. John eats.

Two Candlesticks arrive
· Another voice tells John that two candlesticks are going to go into the world

  • They do but a beast comes up from the bottomless pit and attacks and kills them in the streets of Jerusalem while all the non-believers gloat and rejoice. But, after three and a half days, the candlesticks recover from death and start living again.
  • Then, the candlesticks fly up into Heaven and let loose a huge earthquake. Seven thousand people are killed, but the rest, wisely, repent and put their faith in Jesus.

Angel Number Seven

  • Finally, the seventh angel goes ahead and blows his trumpet.
  • John hears voices announcing that God’s reign on Earth has begun. The 24 elders start to worship God even more intensely and let everyone know that it’s almost time to start judging some people.

The Girl and the Dragon

  • Suddenly, John sees an omen—it’s a woman. She is clothed with sun, the moon is under her feet, and she wears a crown of stars. The woman is in the middle of giving birth and she’s screaming in pain.
  • There’s also a huge red dragon—it appears with seven heads with crowns on each of them and ten horns, who’s going to eat her when she’s given birth.
  • The woman delivers a baby boy and it just so happens that he’s going to rule all the nations of the world. He is promptly taken up into Heaven and the woman runs away before the Dragon can eat her.

Heavenly War

  • Then war breaks out in Heaven.
  • Michael the Archangel and his band of angel soldiers attack the Dragon and manage to throw him out of Heaven. The Dragon lands down to Earth and he finds the woman who gave birth to the son and chases after her. But she sprouts wings and flies away.
  • Then he opens his mouth and floods the Earth, trying to drown her. But the Earth comes to her rescue and swallows up the water. The Dragon decides to go off and attack the woman’s other children, i.e. the followers of Jesus.

Sea Monster

  • John sees a huge beast rising out of the sea and (seven heads and ten horns with a crown on each one.) It looks somewhat like a leopard, but has feet like a bear, and a mouth like a lion.
  • The Dragon gives the Sea Beast its power and everyone on Earth all worship the Sea Beast and the Dragon
  • John tells us that the Sea Beast loves to attack Christians and make them into martyrs and he reminds Christians they’d be better off dead than worshipping the Sea Beast.

The Sea Monster’s Friend

  • Next, another beast comes out of the Earth. It has two horns like the Lamb, but sounds like the Dragon — it makes everyone worship the Sea Beast. Its number—666.

Breaking News

  • John sees the Lamb standing on Mount Zion. With him are the 144,000 Elect. Then, John hears several angels. One tells them all to fear and worship God, otherwise there is going to be some serious judgment going on. Another tells them that Babylon has fallen. A third one lets everyone know that the people who worship the Beast are going to burn.

The Two Reapers
· Next, John sees someone who looks like the Son of Man floating down on a cloud. He’s wearing a gold crown and holding a sickle with which He reap all the faithful people from the Earth.

  • Another angel comes down with a sickle and reaps all the not-so-faithful people. Then he throws them into a wine press of God’s wrath. It squirts out blood all over the place.

Many Plagues

  • After this, John sees seven angels carrying seven plagues. (I’m not sure if this is 7 or 49 plagues)
  • He also sees that the people who brought down the Beast are in heaven playing harps. And then a creature of some sort hand out bowls of God’s Wrath to people


  • A voice tells the angels to go ahead and serve up a heaping helping of Gods wrath on the Earth. So, the angels pour out their bowls one by one.
  • The first angel dumps out his bowl, and all the non-believers who have the mark of the Beast on them break out in painful sores.
  • The second angel turns the sea into blood.
  • The third angel turns the rivers into blood.
  • The fourth angel turns up the heat on the sun and burns all the people.
  • The fifth angel plunges the entire city of Rome into darkness.
  • The sixth angel dries up the Euphrates River
  • The seventh angel pours his bowl out and a voice tells everyone that, “It is done
  • There’s lightning and thunder and an earthquake. An earthquake that splits Rome into thirds. And destroys every nation on Earth.

Beauty and the Beast

  • Next, John sees the Whore of Babylon. She is a woman riding the Sea Beast She is dressed in red and purple robes and dripping with gold and jewels and pearls
  • John tells us she’s been drinking the blood of the faithful.
  • An angel explains the Whore of Babylon. The woman represents Rome who seduces everyone with its beauty and charm, but is really just a prostitute.

Woe unto Babylon

  • John sees yet another angel coming down from Heaven. This angel announces that Babylon (i.e., Rome) has fallen.
  • However, some of the non-believers on Earth are too busy mourning the loss of Rome, which has provided much need business but the angels aren’t swayed much by this. One of them picks up a giant stone and throws it into the ocean.


  • Everyone in Heaven is celebrating but John sees a white horse (not the same one as came with the 4 horsemen) with Jesus riding out on it. Jesus has flames for eyes and the sword coming out of his mouth. But this time, he’s wearing lots of crowns and his robe is dipped in blood. All the heavenly armies are there, too and they’re following Jesus in triumph.
  • An angel tells everyone to gather for God’s supper.
  • But before this can happen, John sees the Sea Beast and its armies.
  • Jesus and his heavenly squadron get rid of the Beast pretty quickly. They toss him into a Lake of Fire. All the other baddies are killed with Jesus’s sword.

Satan’s Last Stand

  • John sees that another angel has gotten hold of the Dragon and locked him in the bottomless pit. He’s going to stay there for 1,000 years. After that, he’ll be let out for a little while.
  • So then John sees thrones with people seated on them. These people get to judge. Obviously, anyone who was killed for believing in Jesus gets a pass. They will get to reign in Heaven for 1,000 years.
  • But remember, once that 1,000 years is up, the Dragon is going to be let out of the pit and gather another army to destroy Heaven.
  • But, don’t worry, this war is going to end a lot like the first one—with the Dragon as the big loser. Except this time, he’ll be thrown into the Lake of Fire for good.

The Final Judgement 

  • Once this happens, everyone is going to be judged by God. Even people who have been dead for years are going to have to answer for their actions on Earth.
  • God will open up his Book and look over his records and give you either the thumbs up or the thumbs down. If God realizes you’re not in his Book, it’s the Lake of Fire for you, too.

Flat-pack Jerusalem is delivered

  • After all the pesky non-believers and manifestations of extreme evil are gone, it’s time to bring about a new Earth.
  • John sees it happen—a New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven to Earth
  • The Elect will live there with God. No one will ever mourn or die or be in pain. It will simply be God and his children living together forever and ever.
  • But people who haven’t led such upstanding lives will get thrown into the Lake of Fire.
  • The city of New Jerusalem itself is probably the most incredible thing John has seen. The whole city is made of gold and glitters with all different kinds of jewels and gemstones.
  • It has twelve gates (with the names of the tribes of Israel written on them) and twelve foundations (with the names of the apostles written on them).
  • This New Jerusalem doesn’t have a temple, though, because God himself is the temple. They also don’t have to worry about lamps, because the presence of God provides all the light they need. It’s always sunny in New Jerusalem.
  • Crime is also non-existent, because no one ever does anything even remotely bad there.


New Jerusalem on Earth

Size of New Jerusalem

A River Runs Through It

  • An angel shows John a beautiful river flowing from God’s throne. It’s the water of life flowing in it. On the banks of the river is the tree of life, which grows twelve kinds of fruit.
  • Nothing bad is ever going to happen in this new city. Everyone will just hang with God and rejoice and love each other all day.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

  • The angel assures John that everything he’s seen and heard is true. All of this is actually going to happen. This is not some sort of story – it’s real folks!
  • He also tells John to go ahead and share all this with the world. After all, Jesus will be coming very, very soon. People need this information because they need to do the right thing.
  • God’s judgment is coming. People who lead good lives will be able to live inside the walls of an awesome city made of gold. People who don’t will get to take a little swim in a Lake of Fire… for all eternity.
  • John also tells us that if anyone changes what he’s written down, God is going to include them in all those terrible plagues.
  • But really, Jesus is coming soon, John tells us. He ends the book with this hope and a short prayer for the faithful.
  • That’s it.

So, there you are – it’s all pretty straightforward and obvious when you think why it is you became a True Christian.


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