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Doctor Who: Changing Christian children into slutty retards!

Doctor Who: Changing Christian children into slutty retards!

On the surface Doctor Who appears to be a silly BBC TV series about a man who comes out of a closet over and over again, while eating horrible British food and defeating extremely powerful intergalactic aliens by boring them with smalltalk.

In reality however Doctor Who is designed to change innocent Christian children into “Whovians”. A cult aimed at completely and utterly destroying their innocent souls.

The Doctor Who cult:

The Doctor
The main character in Doctor Who is “The Doctor”. An illegal alien who refuses to pay taxes and makes sure no one knows his name to keep it that way. Actors who play the role of Doctor Who usually commit suicide after a few seasons so there have been a lot of different actors playing Doctor Who. The capacity of independent thought of the innocent children watching Doctor Who gets reduced to a retarded level, so they don’t even notice the actor gets replaced over and over again. The producers of Doctor Who don’t even bother to select actors with a similar look.

Several of the actors playing Doctor Who:

The Tardis
Doctor Who has his own personal closet called “The Tardis”. He comes out of this several times every episode. Clearly a gay reference to pollute our innocent children into choosing the gay deathstyle. There is a special Wikia for the Tardis that has the following to say about sex: “sex could be practised between two or more individuals of the same gender, which rarely had any procreative implications at all“. This is not even close to a proper Christian marriage! And duh! on the “rarely had any procreative implications“. Even a retard knows that sex between individuals of the same gender can never result in children. Except for the poor retards that watch Doctor Who. They lost every connection to reality and believe that trashcans can fly.

The Tardis:

Flying trashcans:

The Companion
The Doctor always has a personal sex slave called “The Companion”. A slutty concubine with a pea sized brain whose sole purpose is to watch in awe every time The Doctor saves the universe in an extremely unlikely way. Once a companion gets pregnant, usually from a gang bang involving multiple man, women and small farm animals, she gets dumped and a new companion takes her place.

A pregnant companion, The Doctor and another gang bang participant:

The Sonic Screwdriver
The sonic screwdriver is what you get if you combine a magic wand and a vibrator. A single device that allows the user to violate every Biblical law with the push of a single button. After the transformation from innocent Christian child to Godless slut has been completed by watching too many Doctor Who episodes, the slut celebrates by getting a sonic screwdriver tattoo on her naked body.

A slut and her sonic screwdriver tatoo:

The Actors

We only need to look at the actors who have played “the doctor” to see that they are not the sort of role models we want for our children.

  1. William Hartnell was illegitimate;
  2. Patrick Troughton was mad – he used to wear a tea cosy on his head;
  3. Jon Pertwee has Huguenot ancestry, which makes him French;
  4. Tom Baker used to be an RC monk;
  5. Peter Davison is the son of an immigrant from Guyana, which makes him African;
  6. Colin Baker is a former “solicitor” – the British word for pimp; his mother was Irish;
  7. Sylvester McCoy is Scottish and trained to be an RC priest;
  8. Paul McGann is an RC from Liverpool, so presumably Irish;
  9. Christopher Eccleston is a self-proclaimed atheist;
  10. David Tennant is Scottish and incestuously married to the woman who played his daughter in Dr Who!
  11. Matt Smith played Fagot in the satanic Russian work The Master and Margarita;
  12. Peter Capaldi is a Glaswegian Italian-Irish mixture, so bound to be RC; he is chiefly noted for his foul language in the TV series The Thick of It (and the movie In the Loop);
  13. Jodie whittaker is a woman who rejects her nature as a help meet to a husband.

Not a decent True Christian among them.

Why we should avoid Doctor Who
Doctor Who attacks Christianity on many levels.

And the list goes on and on. Doctor Who has been around for 50 years and the creators of this horrible horrible abomination made sure every Biblical law got broken over and over again. Doctor Who is the worst imaginable role model for innocent Christian Children.

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Dear Sweet Jesus, our redeemer. Come quickly to judge the living and the dead and throw these abomination into the Furnace as you promised (Matthew 13:42)! Come and slay your enemies as you told us in your Word (Luke 19:27) and let us all go to Heaven to have some decent good time!

And protect our children from being duped by Doctor Who!



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