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The Landover Baptist Church Alternative Facts Handbook

Pastor Zeke, putting the Stud back in Bible Study

Shout Glory! Praise Jesus, Donald Trump, Putin, our Mayor Johny Joe Hold and Me! After much deliberation we’ve finished our Alt Facts Handbook for y’all folks! NOW you can twist present the Facts of Life, Universe and Everything much better to the masses of homers and hamites. Covfefe. Study this pamphlet carefully and you’ll sit even closer to Jesus when Rapture Time comes.

Learn this by heart or writhe forever in


Basilissa (04-02-2018 05:14 PM): Thank you, Pastor, for this very informative pamphlet. The entire Christian faith is based on alternative facts (such as 6-day creation of the world, flood that covered the whole flat earth, Jonah living ...
Ezekiel Bathfire (04-02-2018 06:18 PM): There are, out there, liberals, who use "alternative to mean "expensive, stupid, inefficient" as in "alternative fuels". These usually consist of Solar panels in Newfoundland or 600 foot windmills that ...
H. Montague Worthington (14-02-2018 01:20 AM): PRAISE!!! ...
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