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When a Social Justice Warrior calls a fact “problematic”…

Social Justice Warriors often say “[that fact] is problematic“, or “[that fact] is part of rape culture“, “[that fact] supports white nationalism“. What do they mean? They mean [that fact] makes people think thoughts, and leftists can predict what those thoughts will be.

[That fact] makes people think racist thoughts. Oh? How do you know? Have you been out at truck stops and honky-tonk bars, really getting to know people, getting them to trust you, and then asking them what the fact makes them think?

Did you even leave campus? Or twitter?

Or did YOU think racist thoughts when you heard [that fact]? In that case, speak for yourself. The fact may or may not be problematic. YOU on the other hand, clearly are.

But let’s pretend that you didn’t think racist thoughts when you heard [that fact]. Let’s take your claims at face value.

You’re a social engineer, a Machiavellian mastermind of 3 dimensional chess, always thinking 5 turns ahead, you’ve got every moving part in the Rube-Goldberg-machine of human behavior down to a science, every nut and bolt has precisely machined tolerances to within 0.1 nano-meters. You’ve got the master-plan all mapped out:


“OF COURSE the spoon of problematic facts connects to the napkin of Nazism. Why do I have to explain this, IT’S 2018 PEOPLE!”

Yes, the chain of events is all going according to plan. All the pieces are where you want them to be. Everything is falling into place…

One question: how is President Clinton doing?

Is she facing resistance from congress? Wait, there’s hardly any republicans left in congress , of course a master of information warfare like yourself managed to convince democrat voters that mid-term elections exist.

It must be fun in your world. I bet the victory high from electing the first female president must still be in effect.


“Um, Comrade? COMRADE! There is no underarm deodorant in the Soviet Union. Please put your arms down.”

Sorry comrade, looks like your 5 year plan didn’t last 5 seconds.

Or elect 5 democrats. Not even 5 dogcatchers.


The dominoes are all lined up, but they’re voting for Trump

I’m reminded of those cartoons were a character is getting stomped, and then they say “Aha! I’ve got you right where I want you“. I’m going to go on google and…


Wow. Too perfect.

Of course, True Christians do the same thing. We predict that if children get sex ed, or learn about Darwin’s theory of evolution, or get vaccinated for STDs, or play Mortal Kombat, they will do this, that, and the other thing. We also make social engineering predictions 3 turns ahead, but the difference is WE WIN ELECTIONS, which proves that we know how to think 1 turn ahead, or at least we know where the pieces are on the board right now.

Social engineering is nothing more than making people do what you want. Elections are simply about making people do what you want. Elections are easy: just make your people get their butts to a polling booth:

“It’s too complicated! Were is the cracker-catapult to make the parrot jump up and light the rocket that cuts the wire…”

Most leftie plots involve a lot more than that. Most leftie plans are complex, dangerous schemes that will backfire if people don’t do exactly what they want. Yet as every election proves, for people who promise they can make people do what they want, lefties are bad at making people do what they want.

Or maybe the assumption is that once leftism really gets going, there won’t BE any elections to worry about.

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