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Proof America is GOD’S favorite nation!

A lot of people from other nations find the idea that God would favor one nation over another offensive. These people clearly have not read the Bible. God frequently indicates the importance of Israel when compared to other nations. There are also nations like Sodom and Gomorrah that God hates. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has actually paid any attention to God’s teachings that some nations are to be preferred over others. So, then the question is “Why is America God’s favorite nation?”

We’re number 1! In incarceration rates

Other less noble nations would turn a blind eye to the crimes of others, and let people destroy themselves and tear away at the fabric of society with marijuana, drug trafficking, child pornography, and other filthy sins, but here in America we actually have a set of principles. More than 0.7% of our total population is in prison! (this includes elderly, babies, children, etc.) More than 3% of our adult population in prison, we have a higher percentage of people in prison than any other nation! With only approximately 5% of the world’s population, we have 25% of the world’s total imprisoned people! Glory!

Down in godless Europe they only have 0.1% of their total population in prison, and down in the trenches of filthy, perverted Japan only 0.05% of their population is in prison! Oh man, I can only imagine all the corrupt judges down there.

We are also one of the few nations to make use of corporations rather than wasteful government spending for our prison systems. Corrections Corporation of America and other Godly corporations own prison systems that house hundreds of thousands of inmates.


Supports freedom


Our Supreme Court ruled that part of freedom means that corporations can use their own money to buy political campaign ads and contribute to politicians directly (eg. Republicans)! Only in Godly USA would you see wonderful corporations such as the previously mentioned Corrections Corporation of America being able to contribute millions of dollars in order to have a voice in the political system and an influence in what sort of laws we have and don’t have, such as the ones that get people into prison, which in turn increase their profits. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to influence our laws than trustworthy CEOs and corporations.


We’re number 1! In military spending


We don’t just spend more than any other country, we spend five times more on our military than any other country! Might I add it is worth every penny! Less than 700 billion per year for our excellent military? It would be a bargain if we paid twice that amount! What more evidence that the United States is blessed by God do you need? It is as if God himself as reached down to give us His assault rifles and nuclear bombs.


We’re number 1! In obesity!


Historically, someone’s weight has always been a measure of their wealth and fortune. So, what country is number #1 when it comes to obesity? The USA of course!

Look at how blessed this man is. Clearly God’s favor has shined upon him.

Look on the other hand at this child in another nation. Clearly they (or their ancestors) must have done something to upset God.

Johny Joe Hold (17-02-2018 07:27 PM): I don't mean to brag, but no other country gives its citizens the opportunity to protect themselves from enemies, bullies, or the occasional schoolmate with semiautomatic AR-15 rifles like the USofA. So ...
handmaiden (17-02-2018 07:45 PM): Forgive me for sounding like a lemon-sucking, snowflake liberal, by why is it that we need to "prove" we are the bestest with the mostest at everything? Does God need to prove He exists? No! He wrote ...
Prayer Warrior (12-09-2018 05:17 AM): How is that a problem? You do realize we can print as many Dollars as we like right... The debt amount is meaningless. Once Donald Trump or another Godly Republican becomes President he can negotiate ...
Romeo Rovagnati (12-09-2018 03:32 PM): Were number 1! In incarceration rates Which means: America is full of criminals that hate God. This seems a reasons for God to hate America. Supports freedom Depends on what freedom ...
Dr. Anthony J. Toole (13-09-2018 06:16 PM): Conclusion: God hates America. If he loved it, why it looks like the earlier Babylon described in the Genesis (multicultural and with a tower that crumbled)? And also, how can God's favorite nation be ...
Johny Joe Hold (13-09-2018 09:10 PM): WRONG! God hated America under Obama but God loves America now it is great again. God loves great things. Why would 81% of evangelical Christians have voted for Trump if God did not love America? So correct, ...
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