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The Sun: Millions of miles away?

Praise the Lord! He has shown me how to prove scientifically that the sun is no more than 500 miles overhead.

Here is the proof:

To start off with, the sun is hot enough to glow yellow, so we can use Wein’s Displacement Law to determine the temperature.

Wein’s Displacement Law:
Peak Wavelength in meters = displacement constant / temperature in Kelvin

Yellow light has a wavelength between 570nm and 580nm, so we’ll solve for 575nm. Since we are working with nanometers rather than meters, we’ll simplify the math by multiplying the displacement constant by 10^9.

575 = 2897768.5/T
575 * T = 2897768.5
T = 2897768.5/575
T = 5039.6° K (8611.6° F)

So the sun is about 5039.6° Kelvin.

Now, the average temperature of the earth is 59° F, or about 288° K. The mean temperature gradient of the troposphere is 6° K/km, so let’s solve for the distance.

d = (5039.6 – 288)/6
d = 791.9 km (491.1 miles)

There you have it. The sun is roughly 491.1 miles overhead. Depending on the exact shade of yellow (whether it’s closer to 570nm or 580nm), this figure could be off by as much as 5 miles. However, I don’t have a spectrometer handy, and I’m willing to live with an uncertainty of ±5 miles. It’s not like I’m planning to visit anytime soon — my shoes would melt .

The LORD is so good to me. Praise the sweet name of Jesus.

Pastor Billy-Reuben

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Vantheman4321 (21-05-2018 01:31 AM): The moon has to be the same miles away like the sun since they both have the same size. Nope. The sun is HUGE, but is much, MUCH farther from us than the Moon, while the moon is tiny and very close ...
Elmer G. White (21-05-2018 05:58 AM): Nope. The sun is HUGE, but is much, MUCH farther from us than the Moon, while the moon is tiny and very close in astronomical terms.Mr. Van, you testimony above is apparently all the evidence that you ...
James Hutchins (22-05-2018 12:25 AM): I am always so amazed that common sense seems to elude so many people. There are indisputable facts, that even the simplest person can ascertain yet they hold fast to words in a book they read. Words put ...
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