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God’s Helpful Gift – Memory

I was taking selfies at the scene of some highway accident that had delayed my journey when I started to wonder “What is the gift that God gave us to help us become and remain True Christians?”

It is memory. The savage beasts do not have memory – you have doubtless seen those videos of a dog with a huge stick trying to get through a doorway and not succeeding, yet it keeps doing the same thing. This is why dogs are difficult to train, and cats are impossible to train as they are terminally stupid as they have no memory. 

If the dog had a memory, he would have remembered his father doing the same thing, or his uncle telling him of such an incident, or he would have read about this problem. But,no: beasts live in the present only. To them there are no past, no remembered stories and experiences, and the future does not even exist – it is just a series of “nows” and then they die.

So why is memory so important to the Christian? Could we not simply be born loving God? 

Well, “No”: God requires souls to stoke the fires of Hell –Rom 9:22. God wants you to use your freewill to love Him. The machine that produces perfect circles is not “holy” – it just “produces perfect circles.” It has no morality, duty, care or love. 
So God gave us memory. 

Adam remembered what Paradise and immortality were like (even though he had not died), and he told his children. grand children, great-grandchildren, etc., etc.. Eve remembered painless childbirth(even though she had had no children) and she told her daughters. 

As Adam’s family tree grew and they diversified (that’s how we got musicians) their experiences were written into their memory and, having no internet, each evening, they would sit around a fire and tell these experiences and memories to their children, grandchildren. 

Because these memories were limited and they lived in small towns, and China had not been invented, God ensured that was no “Chinese Whispering” and thus the memories were entirely accurate, and not even “a little bit exaggerated.” God ensured this as it would have been wrong for Him to allow humans to tell anything but the truth about what he wanted. He ensured that there were no “false prophets.”

And so what does memory do for us?

Take the Book of Life, which is the archive of all memories for everyone. It’s all rather like Facebook, isn’t it? Although the Book of Life appears to be a charming reminder of years gone by, the feature actually leaves the Christian mortified about awful fashion choices and posts full of toe-curling emotional ‘oversharing’. These are our sins. As we look back the horror is undeniable – it cannot be “undone”. It can be forgiven, but never undone. 

The Book of Life differs from Facebook as you choose what goes on Facebook and, at the time, it seemed that everything was quite normal.

True Christian “Handmaiden” said “I’m not only dressed like a dork but in most of the pictures I seem to be all over horrible, pimply, stupid boys. Still, at least it distracts attention from my wincingly awful poetry.”

Fellow True Christian John Creeser agreed: “I’ll always wonder how many of my now-adult friends have seen I spent a full month posting 15 times a day about “Rage Against the Machine” becoming Christmas number one. Dear Lord – how embarrassing… I feel ill – I’m crying..”

This is how God sees sin – your sin. He does not forget, He does not make mistakes, His judgement is inerrant and you have no excuse – your soul is stripped bare before Him. Even things that you think are all right now,are not – They truly are not… and deep inside, you know that is true. You have not learned: in years to come, your Book of Life will show horrible,embarrassing details. It will show what an unworthy servant of God you have been.

Oh yes, you may well feel guilty, you may well seek forgiveness but though the remorse is great, the guilt is far heavier and weighs you down and racks and tortures you in a way only you know how to do but which you know is nowhere near as bad enough as punishment for your behavior, but nowhere near as bad as to Eternal punishment of the fires of Hell. 

Memory is your personal reservoir of sinful guilt, the finely honed and personalized tool that God has given you to encourage you to avoid the pitfalls on the way to Heaven. It is graphic representation in every detail and every emotion that is demonstrated and re-demonstrated to you through out your life. 

Is there no escape? Of course there is! Landover! 

Landover is the only True Christian Church that shows God in His Own Words, as He is, unadorned by liberal lies, freed of “specially chosen verses that support you”, unmoved by “special interests” or “special needs” or special anything! Landover shows God festooned with the hard truths that He Himself has spoken and which demand obedience.

Landover’s Pastors will expose your sin to the white heat of the furnaces that purified God’s Own Words – They will cleanse your soul with Holy Fire and rid you of the Guilt with which your black, wizened, and weak soul is burned. 

Renewed, you can, via God under the guidance from Landover,rid yourself of all guilt for your actions! Only then can you progress, reborn, into a new life –your Facebook Account in Heaven is deleted; a fresh volume is brought from the store. 

You will be able to stand before God on Judgement Day and say “Yes! I did all that, and,You know what? I have no regrets.”And The Almighty will smile and reply “Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant.”

Landover – Removing the Guilt and Replacing it with Confidence in Salvation 24/7.

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