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The Miracle of the Cat and the Doorbell

Mrs Bathfire gave me $100 and told me to go out and get something that makes her look attractive – She was quite annoyed when I got back drunk, but that is not the point of the message.

I discovered a Truth: On the way home, I spotted someone’s cat on the porch meowing to be let in. So, without thinking, I walked up to the door, rang the bell, nodded at the cat and left. It wasn’t until I was round the corner that I realized what I’d done when I heard the owner calling “Sarah! Sarah! That piffling cat has rung the doorbell.”

For a moment, it did occur to me that the cat could have simply copied what I had done, but I dismissed that. To the owner, there had been something that was close to a miracle, to me there had been a good deed, and to the cat… well cats are a waste of time and probably it’s forgotten the whole incident, even assuming it knew what I did in the first place.

All this leads to the facile conclusion that there are some things that are not miracles but which people think are miracles. But they are wrong… They are miracles. The Miracle of the Cat and the Doorbell was indeed a miracle – it was proof of God.

Unwittingly, I had been chosen as God’s Messenger.

From the beginning of creation, God knew that in September 2018 there would be a guy and his wife at 1145 Apostles’ Drive, Landover whose faith was beginning to flag. God also knew that new and inventive things attract most attention – turning his tap-water into Californian wine would not have cut it – so, again from the beginning of time, he arranged for me, (via Mrs Bathfire) a cat and a door with a bell on it to be in the same place at the same time, and He inspired me, without my being at all aware of it, to press that bell. The only witness, the cat, could not speak.

Only a Supremely Powerful and All-Knowing God can do that.


Johny Joe Hold (30-09-2018 03:29 AM): A beautiful story, Pastor. Deep. It was perfect and put us in the proper frame of mind just hours before we attend Sunday services at Landover Baptist Church. ...
Dr. Anthony J. Toole (01-10-2018 02:46 PM): This beautiful true story reminds me so much of the Virgin birth. To all intents and purposes, Mary had a baby even though no man "rang the bell". Pastor Bathfire in this analogy is a mystical prankster ...
Nobar King (01-10-2018 03:17 PM): Jesus commands dogs to ring the doorbell, too: Escaped pup rings NEST doorbell to be let in. A Texas ABC affiliate reported that Marshall the dog escaped his home in Spokane, Washington, on September 25. ...
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