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‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is axed by radio station!

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is axed by radio station due to#MeToo movement.

A radio station in Cleveland, Ohio has decided to remove’Baby It’s Cold Outside’ from its playlist, following complaints from listeners.

Local media say that listeners said the song was inappropriate, and stood against the #MeToo movement.

However, a poll on the station’s own Facebook page showed that most people did not want the song banned!!!!

If there was ever a song and a movie that needed banning, This was it!!! 

Those people are the same people who refused to believe Noah when he said a Flood was coming; the same people who did not believe Jesus was both God and the Son of God; the same people who thought it a good idea not to slaughter every Moabite – and now look where we are! We have “equal rights”!

A bit of history:
The song was sung by Red Skelton and Esther Williams in the 1949 movie, “Neptune’s Daughter.” Landover records show that when that movie came out, there was no-one more furious than Pastor Lamentations Flint (father of Zeke) who protested outside the theater despite temperatures dipping below zero.

The management of the theatre ridiculed and persecuted the good Pastor but God protects them that love Him and He mysteriously burned down the theater two nights later. The whole movie is a travesty and mockery of Good Christian values.

Today’s ignorant generation of #MeToo entitled brats, wound collectors,and godless Social Warriors and their allies the Cathlick Church and the Demoncrats, based solely on a couple of cherry-picked lines

“I simply must go(But baby it’s cold outside)
The answer is no (But baby it’s cold outside).”
One line, “Say what’s in this drink? (No cabs to be had out there)”, 

have attempted link this movie with “Date Rape”, The Woman’s Right to say “NO!”, and, by extension the so-called oppression by capitalism of all minorities, including, but not restricted to Rohinger Tribesmen, Syrian Child refugees; The murder of that Arab guy, Chinese Political Prisoners, Global Warming, and eating dogs in Korea.

If you wanted proof of their godless ignorance, you have it right there! They are wrong! Damnably wrong!

The evidence:

“OK”, I hear you say, “Why would a Godly Pastor get all het up about some stupid woman who was clearly asking for it, and who paraded herself wantonly in in front of a red-blooded American male?” The scene clearly shows that she was “in the city” and needed only to “cry out” in order to avoid rape (if that were at all intended, and there is no hint that it was.)

Well, I have to inform each and everyone of you who asked that question that you are already on the Road to Damnation  and each one of you has Satan snapping at his heels! How could you, unlike Lamentations Flint, even bear to have that movie showing in a town near you?

Come on! Are you so stupid as to think that God does not know and see everything? Have you forgotten the Commandments and the ill that befalls whole populations who desert the Lord Almighty or encourage that desertion?

Do you really want the country to be hit by the fate that befell Sodom and Gomorrah?

Think about it! Remember your Faith! Remember your beliefs! 

The clue is there people! I’ve given you the answer!

Johny Joe Hold (15-12-2022 12:40 AM): Now, someone posted another song not to hear or sing: Holly Jolly Christmas which I'd never heard of. So I looked it up :fear2: I lasted about 1 seconds and have twisted a finger in my haste to mute ...
MitzaLizalor (15-12-2022 04:52 AM): Happily I didn't listen far enough to hear the subtext, nor was I going to in the next ..er ..track is probably the best word, from England. Thinking they may not all be completely insane and reminded ...
WWJDnow (15-12-2022 06:40 PM): I neglected to put on the list of songs not to hear or sing is Holly Jolly Christmas. In the lyrics you will find "Jolly" referring to being high on drugs. Then it gets worse--pre sex kissing. One cannot ...
Dennis Lukes (16-12-2022 03:13 AM): The majority of well-known "Christmas" carols were written by Jews, which is why they are worldly and vulgar. But we love a good tune here, don't get us wrong (Psalms 95:1). I don't see anything wrong ...
Isabella White (17-12-2023 03:56 PM): And here is something else that should be axed. Instead of doing a true :christ-fancy:mas special about the Love of Almighty :god-fancy: and :his: Gift to the world, a television special will focus on ...
Bezukhov (18-12-2023 12:10 AM): I hope this song never gets axed. X-VC-qqUO0c What a glorious way for Almighty God to exercise His Divine Wrath against a sinful humanity by starting WW III on Christmas day. And a piece of good advice: "You ...
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