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Animals and the Word of God

Not many of you may know that one of my favorite verses isMark:16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.That my friends is Jesus speaking, right there! 

And that verse does not take much understanding: Animals, insects, fish… They all need to hear God’s Word, and it matters little that they will not go to heaven – they will understand that men do go to heaven, and thus that we are superior in the Sight of the Lord! They will accept their inferior position as their lot in life and realize why it is that we have dominion over them (Ge:1:26).

So, often, of an evening I will go to Galilee Lake where Siloam Stream flows into it and address any wildlife that might hear me. I have found beavers to be atheists and, having offer God’s word on many occasions, I now throw rocks at them if they try to interrupt those of God’s creatures who might find His Word instructive.

For the past two months, I have had one particular Cormorant pay attention, and I went into some pretty serious theology with him. And, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if the fellow didn’t seem to understand every word I spoke!

Well, as usual, Jesus was right. God’s Word had had the effect. This evening, I went down, and there was “my” Cormorant… Preaching.

Granted, the congregation could have been larger and, as time goes on, it probably will be.

But I am heartened again by this proof of God.

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