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The Function of the Poor in a Christian World

By Ezekiel Bathfire, Pastor for Diversity and Tolerance

When Christ said, “Mar 14:6 And Jesus said, Let her alone; why trouble ye her? she hath wrought a good work on me.
Mar 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.”

He spoke of the inevitability of the poor – poverty and the poor cannot be abolished. Some idiots try, but they never try hard enough, nor do they try in any way that is effective. And we have to ask ourselves, “Why is this?”

It is my invariable opinion that when something is “This way”, it is because it is God’s Plan. In the same way that God gave us eyes to see his glories, ears that we may hear his word, and lips that we might tell others, He gave us the poor too.

We can see that everything in the world has a purpose, and to remove it would cause disaster! If we were to remove disease, the place would be overrun with stupid, poor people. If everyone got free food, farmers, grocers, truckers, meat-packers would be out of work and then where would hedge fund managers be?

It is in this light that I examine

“The Function of the Poor in a Christian World.”
1. The poor are there to do the dangerous, dirty, dead-end, temporary/seasonal, under paid undignified, menial jobs. Cleaning sewers, supermarket checkouts, picking cotton – that sort of thing. Nobody is going to do these things in heaven, so why should the True Christian do them now when God gave us the poor?

2. Subsidize the activities or the normal True Christian: domestics, tourist guides, hotel and staff, etc. Nobody wants to pay outrageous prices for these services, so the poor do them.

3 They act as guinea-pigs for testing drugs. Their diseases are treated with “innovative treatments” and if they work and are safe, the normal True Christian can benefit as an adjunct to prayer. They get a few dollars for their blood, etc.

4. They create jobs for the professions who service the poor such as the police and prison officers, prostitutes, pawn shops, the army, etc. Now normally, you don’t want many of these, but, if you do, it is the poor who keeps them available and in business.

5. they buy good nobody else wants and thus prolong the life of these things – day-old bread, secondhand clothes, automobiles and they occupy buildings that are falling apart. This means that you get a better return on your investments.

6. They are the base-line of morality. This is remarkably important. They are proof that morality is absolute and thus must have come from God’s Word. The poor can be identified and punished as alleged or real deviants in order to uphold morality. When it comes to hard work, thrift, honesty, and monogamy, the normal True Christian may need examples and must therefore have people as examples of the lazy, spendthrift, dishonest, and promiscuous.

The advantage here is that the poor lack the power to attempt change these perceptions – but that is because the perceptions are true.

7. An often overlooked function is the poor’s cultural contribution. They gave the normal True Christian The Blues, Country and Western, Spirituals, etc. And more than that, you need not actually get close to poor people to enjoy these things. They also serve as folk heroes to lieberals – the hobo, the cowboy, the miner, the hipster, etc,. They are perfect examples of how anyone can become President if they work hard.

8. The poor are a confirmation that you are not poor. Someone has to be at the bottom and, in America where anyone can be a normal True Christian, the poor provide a measuring rod for status comparison. Are you richer than someone who is poor? The you’re not poor, and that’s good. (It must be remarked that even the poor look down on poorer people, so we need not feel guilty when we look down on them without needing to ascertain the level of poverty.)

9. The poor provide the stepping stone for the American Dream: many a poor person has risen out of the mire of poverty by providing goods and services to his fellow poor. Slum landlords, drug dealers, numbers racket, prostitutes, i.e. mostly immigrants, spring to mind.

10 The poor help keep the normal True Christian busy. Society uses the poor as clients of settlement houses, beneficiaries of charities set up by the normal True Christian to demonstrate the way that God has blessed them.

11. Despite rarely taking part in politics, the poor stabilze the political process. Republicans, knowing Christ’s Words, ignore them. Demoncrats attempt to obtain “street-cred” by saying that they help them – the poor have to vote Demoncrat as they have no other home for their vote. In truth, the Demoncrats are interested in keeping the poor poor because if they became rich, they’d vote the right way.

12 The poor are necessary for a laissez-faire economy – the economy of the Bible. A laissez-faire economy accepts the poor as men who are inferior, degenerate, and unwilling to work and thus must accept charity and welfare. The moral turpitude of the poor moderates any reason to go against God’s Plan and eliminate poverty or have sympathy. As a bonus, the poor can be dissuaded from wanting to receive any welfare as they know that anyone who gets benefits or charity is lazy, spendthrift, dishonest, etc.

If you are reading this, you have access to the internet – poor people do not. You may show your gratitude to God by making a donation that reflects the Blessings He has given you.

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Diesel Stanford (04-06-2020 02:41 AM): In a true Christian country there is no room for the non-wealthy and non-healthy. ...
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