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Coronavirus, The Book of Job and Donald Trump

True Christians™ seldom have to ask WHYJesus is always the answer, obviously. Still, sometimes I falter and ask why He decides to do or not to do something. Recently, He decided to spare the Hamite continent of Africa from the worst effects of the Coronavirus, a plague for which we Thank Him as we Thank Him for everything that happens or does not happen. Still, the situation is alarming. Let’s look at the African figures for Covid-19:Quote:

COVID-19 Africa numbers52 countries in Africa affected34,610 cumulative cases1,517 reported deaths11,180 reported recoveriesSouth Africa most affected with 4,996 casesLast updated 29/04/20 at 06:00AM (GMT +1)

The Death Toll in Africa is minuscule when we compare it to the civilized world. This is incomprehensible to fathom, as the continent’s population consists of naked savages with no real language, health care and only rudimentary grasp of Christianity, albeit we should acknowledge their magnificent work against the sin of Homosexuality! What about Godly America?!

Why would Jesus smite His Favorite Nation, the U.S. of A. more wrathfully than the lazy peoples of Africa? The answer is out of our reach, unless we grasp the Source of all Knowledge: The KJV Bible. Immediately, the answer is clear.

  • Africa is coincidental.
  • America is coincidental.

It is all about President Donald Trump. The Key to all this is the Book of JobPresident Trump is the Job of Our Times! The parallels between the Book of Job and President Trump are striking and 100% accurate!

Job was the perfect man, exemplary in God, didn’t believe in Jesus and ended up in Hell but that’s just God’s rules and not his own fault. President Trump is also perfect in God and Christ. They never deserved the punishments.

God let Satan play with these men to test them to see if they persist in Christ/God. The tests were most severe as follows:

  • Job lost his health. Mr. Trump lost a happy life of unprecedented popularity.

Thereafter the tests became more and more severe:

  • Job lost his wife and children. President Trump is losing hundreds of thousands of His citizens to God’s newest Plague.

And the worst punishment of all:

  • Job even lost his economical base: his cattle!

Job 1:14-14
And there came a messenger unto Job, and said, The oxen were plowing, and the asses feeding beside them: And the Sabeans fell upon them, and took them away; yea, they have slain the servants with the edge of the sword; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

  • Similarly, President Trump is losing lots of profit from His hotels and palaces, golf courses and He has not been able to watch Live sports for weeks. The diagram below shows us the situation at its worst!

Next, Jesus wants to see how the pious men handle this unfortunate situation. The friends of Job try to persuade him to admit that he be a sinner etcetc. but Job stays firm by the Lord. President Trump is similarly attacked by unfriendly media but He stands firm and does not falter. He admits no fault as there is no fault in Him. He shuts His ears (which are well-formed) to the antics of experts and Governors trying to make Him change course. They refer to the number of deaths and fail to understand that collateral damage is totally acceptable when Jesus has a point to make. Job’s first family died but that was necessary to make the scenario real and tangible. Due to Coronavirus, many unimportant Americans have perished but they should be proud of that (in Heaven or more likely in Hell). They did have value, similar to retards, stillborns, underage leukemia victims and starving children, they have instrumental value! They are there to test the actual protagonist, Donald Trump, who’s passing the test with flying colors! Glory! And the best is to come.

  • Job’s skin condition improved.
  • Job got a new, better family.
  • Job got more cattle that the original herd.

Job 42:12-13
So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning: for he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she asses. He had also seven sons and three daughters.

  • Donald Trump will gain His popularity back if He continues to obey Jesus and do nothing for the Covid-19 enthusiasts.
  • Donald Trump will eventually get new, better Americans to replace the unimportant ones.
  • Donald Trump’s Finance Imperium will Thrive.

The diagram below explains this in a more simple manner to women, children and the Retarded.

Now we know why America is the hotspot of Covid-19 activity. We must all support Donald Trump in His perseverance not to listen to the WHO or the secular epidemiologists. This is between Him and Jesus and they’re both winning! Let us also express our gratitude towards Jesus for this magnificent opportunity He gave Donald Trump to make Him shine even more brightly in the eyes of his Nation for now and for Eternity!

Yours in Christ,


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Didymus Much (24-08-2020 04:40 PM): ...American Exceptionalism is in my eyes... That's nice, and completely irrelevant. No one here cares about your opinion. Find some Scripture (KJV, preferably) to support your points, and then we'll ...
Basilissa (24-08-2020 04:52 PM): I hate to burst YOUR bubble aswell, but you do realize that all white Americans are of European descent and therefor are either anglo-saxon, germanic or Hispanic descent, while Jesus came out of a Jewish ...
Mary Etheldreda (24-08-2020 05:40 PM): I mean job lost his physical health, literally was stricken with all kinds of soars and physical pains, trump doesn't seem to have any physical uncomfort. Have you ever seen that painting of Trump naked, ...
Sharktyricon (24-08-2020 05:47 PM): Funny, the Bible literally tells nothing about the Jewish bloodline not being of relevance, however matthew 1: 1-17 tells the complete bloodline starting from Abraham all the way to Jesus. Also Luke 3:23-38 ...
Basilissa (24-08-2020 05:59 PM): Funny, the Bible literally tells nothing about the Jewish bloodline not being of relevance, however matthew 1: 1-17 tells the complete bloodline starting from Abraham all the way to Jesus. Also Luke 3:23-38 ...
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