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Science VS Religion: who has invented more advancements?

A science nerd emailed me:”If we want to read about miracles creating loaves, fishes and wine, we’ll read the Bible. If we want to actually make enough bread and wine to feed the world, we need science. If the Bible was not written by bronze-age savages, it would prove it by containing information that was not known by bronze-age savages. For just one example, it might tell us that disease is spread by germs, and that you can kill germs by boiling stuff. That could have saved us a lot of trouble…”(Reference: Matthew 14:13-21Mark 6:31-44Luke 9:12-17John 6:1-14John 2:1-11).

Is technology actually created by Science?

First of all, Mr. Nerd can’t prove that modern technology is anything other than God answering Prayers. You can’t prove that a nuclear power plant is actually splitting atoms, rather than simply answering people’s prayers. Have you ever actually seen an atom split? No, but you’ve seen people praying for the lights to come back on.

For example, look at this so-called “automated wine factory” which looks like it was simply put together by a bunch of drunks who were playing with wiring, slinkies, and mechano toys. Obviously the only reason it doesn’t simply fall apart is because of hungover winos praying for hair-of-the-dog:

As for loaves, I decided to call up this bakery and asked them to calculate the exact number of multitudes they can feed. They were so clueless, they could not answer, in fact, they did not even know what a “multitude” is! Clearly the bakers are just standing back and letting prayer do the work:

As for this “fish farm”, which supposedly outdoes Christ’s miracle, it looks more like they sinned and caused God to send one of the Plagues of Egypt upon them. That’s clever alright, but they learned how to do it by reading the Bible, not science books:

Great inventions from the Bible, as seen on this forum

Can science match these?

1. Here’s a solution to climate change and sea level rise.

2. A solution to Hurricanes.

3. A chastity belt, superior to the one feminists designed. Then, because I’m fair and balanced, I invented a countermeasure.

4. A cure for Diabetes.

5. A plan to turn Vatican City into a refugee camp, which the Pope actually did, though in a watered-down form.

6. An arsenal of military equipment that could have won the War On Terror before Christmas. (We had to wait until Easter instead).

7. A solution to ocean plastic pollution.

8. And if you think knowledge is good for it’s own sake, remember that we’ve made great contributions to zoology, and as for Archaeology, Christians have discovered a veritable fleet of Noah’s arks.

9.A plan to bring God back into the economy.

10.A plan that even liberals agree will double the world’s wealth production almost overnight, and bring diversity to certain monochrome backwaters of the world.

11.A plan to save public transit, and make it possible to criss-cross the continent with high-speed rail.

12. We proposed burning the Amazon, before it became fashionable.

13. An improved alternative to unicycle-carriages pulled by free-range organic camels.

14.A cost-effective, bipartisan solution to America’s mass transit woes: just make every commuter flight double as a bombing raid. Carry bombs on the outgoing flight, pick up commuters on your way back to base. We’ll need lots of golf courses with really big water-hazards (where else are we supposed to put all the aircraft carriers?)

15. Sporks. Pretty certain that was us.

You’re welcome.

Romeo Rovagnati (09-09-2019 12:05 PM): I'll add some of the advancements that are to b attributed to Religion. 10. Gravity: Isaac Newton was a Christian. 11. Medicine: Paracelsus was also a Christian. 12. Schools: Charlemagne was a ...
Jeb Stuart Thurmond (09-09-2019 01:46 PM): Catholicism never invented anything. The Pope claims to be an infallible conversant with God, yet I've never head the Pope say "Ok God, so which wire do I connect to complete the fusion-power generator?" Go ...
Jeb Stuart Thurmond (09-01-2021 01:43 PM): Proof that food can miraculously appear out of nowhere: https://media1.giphy.com/media/dOfZNxdeIKMgg/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47po155ivmadcvtnq093zj4wodkyn8o3elvvdywqvf&rid=giphy.gif ...
MitzaLizalor (09-01-2021 11:06 PM): Can secular so-called "education" be absolved of blame here? It seems unlikely. Agenda driven from the outset, determined to drive falsehoods into the minds individuals and indoctrinate whole learner groups, ...
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