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POLL: The Worst False Religion?

I know our Lord Jesus Christ loves HIS favorite church (LBC of course). And I think HE’d want to know which false religion is the worst, especially in time for HIS birthday. I’ll bet HE’d like to do some birthday smiting! Anyway, plese vote in our poll and if I missed one, you can add it (if you’re one of HIS chosen few) or post it in a message for those of you who are less fortunate. ENTHUSIASTIC MOTHER GLYNNDIE

Amos5:6 Seek the LORD, and ye shall live; lest he break out like fire in the house of Joseph, and devour it, and there be none to quench it

What’s the WORST False Religion?

Mary worshipping Cathylics

Penny Pinching Bagel Meisters (who killed Jesus)

Babbling Boodists and Hindoos

Non-Baptist Christians of liberal persuasion

Wiccas, Goths, Vampires, and other Devil Worshippers

Moon-worshipping terrorist Mooselimbs

Kill ’em all. The Lord knows His own.

Harekrishnas and/or Jehosafats

Self Proclaimed Psychologists

Peak Oil / Emo Economics

Obamaism (He ain’t my Messiah)

Spaghetti-worshiping fools

Xenu Freak, couch jumping, Scientologists.

Magic-undie-wearing LSD cultists

Mary Etheldreda (18-06-2021 10:39 PM): why do you hate non-baptist christians? just curious I don't hate anyone, dear. Jesus does (Revelation 3:16), and so why would I put my heart out for those destined for eternal torture? That would be ...
MitzaLizalor (19-06-2021 02:11 PM): why do you hate non-baptist christians? just curiousNot all non-Baptists are Christians. New Guinea cannibals for instance are not Baptists and are not Christians either. Perhaps my outlook is too liberal, ...
Romeo Rovagnati (11-10-2021 04:04 PM): I don't remember which option i have voted. Anyway, the choice is very hard. Catholics: Well, i am a Catholic Priest and it would be very hard for me to chose that. As for actual "Mary worship" i would ...
MitzaLizalor (12-10-2021 12:48 PM): Having to chose which faith should go away first is very hard, since if one disappears, who knows what could happenThe ones you've listed will all disappear at the same time, quite soon now as Jesus predicted. ...
Toidel Mahoney (02-12-2021 02:38 AM): What about those bearded Russian faggots who like to talk about our Savior but the truth is not in them! They are now poisoning the souls of 'Muricans because of one French Canadian bottom sissy on YouTube ...
Dennis Lukes (02-12-2021 04:16 AM): French Canadian bottom sissy I didn't know Justin Trudeau was a YouTube personality or that he was a member of the Russian Orthodox false church. ...
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