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Questions that evolutionist can’t answer

Here is some questions for the scientific theocrats of the Darwinist Gestapo to try and answer;

Account for the missing land sharks
If we evolved from fish, why haven’t sharks, who according to your theory predate us, evolved into land animals and are hunting us?

Explain floods on Mars with out the Great Flood of the Bible
If Noah’s flood didn’t happen then how do explain the evidence of a great flood on Mars?[/

Account for fools
If evolution is survival of the fittest then how do explain the continued survival of unsuccessful groups of stupid humans?

Explain why human’s aren’t perfect
If we are evolving why don’t we have third arms now?

Explain infant murder
If we are evolved to nature our young then how do you secular humanist explain your groups pathological desire to kill yours with abortions?

Why no bodies?
If humanity was roughly a million people living at one time. If the human race is 150,000 years old like you maintain that means there have been 150,000,000,000 who lived before the current era. If each corpse takes up 3 by 6 feet then that means the remains of human ancestors cover 1350 billion square feet of the earth! 

Why are we not buried under the remains of 150 billion people?

Were do angels and demons fit into the Evolutionist tree of life?

Please explain the earliest common ancestor with all animals, angles and demons. What is their ancestry and transitional form?

Explain talking snake in the garden threw evolution.
Please tell me when serpents lost the power of speech and the process with which it happened. Please include any fossil of impaired speech snakes.

Explain the Loch Ness Monster threw evolution.
I find it hard to believe that a whole species can sustain itself from so few individuals as observed in Loch Ness. Sounds like a hole in your theory to me

If evolution is true, then why don’t trees stretch up to the stratosphere?
Scientists say that trees grow taller and taller because natural selection forces them to compete for light with other trees. However, they have supposedly had hundreds of millions of years to evolve, but the tallest tree in the world is a mere 370 feet tall.

If evolution were true, we should be living in pitch dark, because the entire troposphere would be encased in a big sheet of tree leaves. Asked by Pastor Billy-Rueben

Why don’t we act like monkeys
If we are evolved from monkeys why do we behave like them; service our selves constantly an throw our feces about? Asked by Eight or Better

Why are there still monkey?

Evolution predicts the stronger species (humans) would crush and exterminate the weaker species(monkeys) it evolved from. Asked by ChristianSoldier

Please account for quick extinctions.
According to evolution theory it takes millions of years for a species to go extinct. Yet we have examples of species dying out in a few hunderd years like the Dodo. Please account for this.

Were are ancestors and fossilizes remains of the dragon, satyr and unicorn?

I would say the lack of fossils for these three creatures presents a clear gap in the record.

Why are no human ancestors mentioned in The Bible?

The very fact that Neandertals, Homo-Erectuces are not mentioned in The Bible proves they are made up. I mean you would think God would have mentioned them 6,000 years ago when He wrote The Bible. duh.

Explain wasps with evolution.
Wasp paralyze spiders and then implant their young in them to feed on living, but helpless insect. If evolution was true them spiders would have anti-wasp poison in their blood. But they don’t. The only way you can get such a horrific death as those countless spiders suffer is threw the power of God.

How could Cain could procreate with his sisters if evolution was true?
If can was getting busy with his sister like The Bible relates then the human race should be a race of inbreed deformities like the English Royal Family. Instead we see the general population is healthy. This can only happen if Cain and his sister were of the pure first generation after Adam not corrupted by sins yet.

The Genealogy of Henry III
The “Evidence From Genealogy” display, donated by Edgar Nurnberg, is one of the more favorite displays of our visitors. These scrolls from the Lambeth Palace in England trace the genealogy of King Henry the 6th back to Adam and Eve.
Asked by Heathen Basher 8/18/09

Unicorn Horns
What so-called “evoloutionary role” does the horn on a unicorn play? I was taught evolutionary theory, and I can’t figure it out! Asked by H. Montague Worthington’s 8/24/09

Transitional fossils for single celled organism.
The Darwinists would have us believe that life evolved from single-celled organisms to more complicated forms. If that’s true, then we should expect to see intermediaries between organisms with one cell and organisms with millions/billions/trillions of cells, but that’s exactly what we don’t see. Where are all the two-celled organisms that we should see if evolution was true? Where are all the five-celled organisms or twelve-celled organisms? Are we supposed to believe that 50 million amoebas randomly assembled into a fully formed flatworm by chance? Asked by Pastor Billy-Reuben. 8/25/09

Why is there still mud?
Darwinists claim that life originate in mud. If you really believe that a big pile of mud turned into a fish, which sprouted legs and arms and turned into monkeys, which turned into human beings, then you’re more stupid than I thought. For a start, if that’s true, why’s there still mud around, and why do babies not have tails like monkeys when they’re born? Asked by Rachel Pierce 11/4/09

Why don’t chemicals think?
If our brains are just a mishmash of biochemistry, how come chemicals like gasoline or bug spray can’t think? Rev. Jim Osborne 1/11/10

Why don’t we have natural clothing?
People have been wearing clothes for thousands of years. Why haven’t our bodies evolved natural clothes that come out of our skin then? Rev. Jim Osborne 1/11/10

What was the “evolutionary advantage” of Adam’s extra rib?
Why do women have an extra rib than men like the Bible tells us. asked by Virginia D. Templeton 6/8/07

What is the evolutionary advantage of demonic possession
Please explain how demonic possesions humans, horses, dogs and pigs helps them to be a more successful species. asked by Virginia D. Templeton 6/8/07

Do you believe that Jesus was more primitive and less “fit” than today’s slugs and worms?
Christ earthly ministery was 2,000 years ago, a more primitive time than now. asked by Virginia D. Templeton 6/8/07

What did the rocks and lightning evolve from?
According to evolutionary theory, all life evolved out of rocks and lightning,Please show the evolutionary linage and transitional forums for rocks and lighting. asked by Virginia D. Templeton 6/8/07

Please show the disorder inherent in evolution
Scientific “laws” regarding thermodynamics and entropy say that things go from ordered to disordered. ?]How do you explain evolution in light of this. asked by Virginia D. Templeton 6/8/07

Where are those transitional forms???
asked by Virginia D. Templeton 6/8/07

Well evolutionist, please give it your best shot. Even one question will be helpful. I look forward to your answers.

Joanna Lytton-Vasey (26-01-2017 10:02 PM): Mary Etheldreda You just contradicted yourself. If God liked what he saw there would be no need for sharks to be land animals. But they're not land animals - that was the original point. You seem very ...
Basilissa (26-01-2017 10:22 PM): Roland Clusters of carbon atoms are exactly what rocks are, with other elements as impurites. They are heated as magma and them cool to form rock. Static electricity is how lightning is formed. Shape ...
Adam Fag (26-01-2017 10:28 PM): Ok then Land sharks need not exist ... FossilsYes, I did that one in the thread. There's a few posts. You can start HERE ...
Mary Etheldreda (26-01-2017 10:31 PM): But they're not land animals - that was the original point. You seem very confused, dear. Have you been eating too much sugar? Indeed. Is he trying to "troll" us, do you think? Sharks aren't land animals ...
handmaiden (26-01-2017 10:48 PM): . . .I look at this from a scientific Darwinian perspective, not a biblical one. That's your choice, of course. But here at the Landover Baptist Church forum we look at things from a Biblical perspective. ...
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