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Jesus Is Not A Joo!

By - March 4, 2021 - As whispered by The Holy Spirit

JESUS WAS NOT A JewBenjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar. “Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by More...

Judgement Day – The Math

By - March 1, 2021 - As whispered by The Holy Spirit

I have previously explained how, in a perfectly Christian world, we would all pray three or four times a day and that, as the world population is approaches 8 billion, this More...

False Religions And Cults

By - February 12, 2021 - As whispered by The Holy Spirit

The following is an ongoing research into false religions and cults. Please consider adding new additions by registering to the forum. Landover Baptist Church welcomes the More...

What is Faith?

By - February 11, 2021 - As commanded by God

If someone says “My faith is strong”, what does he mean? What is Faith? I ask you to consider this because I was asked this question by a member of the congregation. More...

Adam and The Covid-19 Virus

By - April 20, 2020 - As commanded by God

An atheist, catholic or pagan would not imagine there was much connection between Adam and the Covid-19 virus, but to the discerning Christian not only is the connection More...
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