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Jeb Stuart Thurmond 02-29-2020 05:13 PM

Canada literally-literally under Siege!
Berniebros like to say that their policy isn't radical, because it's already been done in Canada. Okay, let's not argue that point. Let's say that America's future is to become like Canada. So, what's Canada/Your-Future like?

Let's meet your new ruling class:

Wikipedia: Hereditary chiefs in Canada are leaders within a First Nation who represent different houses or clans...Passed down intergenerationally, hereditary chieftaincies are rooted in traditional forms of Indigenous governance models which predate [democracy].

That's a mouthful way of saying that Canada is ruled by hereditary aristocracies. As I've explained:

In an aristocracy, most people are born into their position and stay there. In an argument between a Duke and a commoner, the Duke is always right and the commoner is not only wrong, but impudent for arguing at all. The commoner is "commoner-splaining". (White-Splaining).

Most of the hereditary aristocrats are satisfied by the unearned rent they have been paid for a new pipeline project, which passes through some wilderness so isolated they likely would not have even known about it if nobody had told them.

However, couple of particularly greedy hereditary rentier aristocrats wanted higher rent-payments for a pipeline project. So they sent a few extortion-gangs, 20 here, 30 there, to carry out ...rail blockades, including the blocking of the main CNR rail line...Passenger rail and freight rail movements were blocked for several weeks...

The disruption of propane rail shipments led to shortages and rationing, during a time when many communities have experienced extremely cold weather. In Atlantic Canada [the poorest provinces], ...reserves fell to a five-day supply...Canada's largest supplier, rationed distribution... - Wikipedia

The term "under siege" gets completely over-used by hack-writers and/or the entire mainstream media. "Woman under siege as other woman refuses to shave her testicles". "Gay couple under siege now that they have to cross the street to a different bakery for their wedding cake". "Liberal under siege, has heart attack after watching news story about how Trump is a nazi! Stay tuned for more stories about how Trump is a nazi!" These are not sieges. Technically, a siege means that you are surrounded by people who are blocking your transportation. Also Wikipedia: "Sieges involve surrounding the target to block the provision of supplies"

I'm sure there's not one headline using the term "under siege" to describe Canada, even though by definition that is exactly what's happening there.

CNR laid off 450 employees for reasons related to the pipeline disruptions; the company has stated that as many as 6,000 of its 24,000 employees could be laid off.

Got that? Today, the CTRL-Left gets people fired one at a time. In Canada/Your-Future, they fire random working-class people by the thousands.

Does Bernie also want to build trains? Liberals love trains, just not the kind that are capable of moving.

"Let's become like Canada" and "let's build trains" sounds like a really bad platform right now. Make me think they only want trains so their extortion-mobs have more things to blockade.

Not environmentalists, Not socialists, but Ultra-Reactionaries

We need to stop calling the left "progressives" and instead call them "ultra-reactionaries". Conservatives want things to stay the same, reactionaries want to go back to the 50's, and ultra-reactionaries want hereditary rentier aristocracies who conduct siege warfare using mobs hyped up with "blood and soil" ideology.

Blood And Soil

Every time someone public speaks in Canada, they are expected to conduct a ritual, called an "acknowledgment of traditional lands". Basically, it's an apology for being peasants on the soil of aristocrats whose blood links them to this soil. People with foreign blood (target: whites) are to be constantly reminded that they are illegals, even though using the term "illegals" to describe non-citizens is considered hate-speech.

So, to simplify: if you choose to stay in the country illegally, you are welcomed, but if you committed the sin of being born here with the wrong color of skin, you are illegal and have to be reminded every time a crowd/potential-mob is assembled.

There's no hypocrisy is this. Aristocrats have different rights than peasants.

This is not done in other countries. The British don't apologize for being on stolen Celtic Land, The Greeks are on stolen Ottoman land, the Turks are on stolen Byzantine land, Africans are on the land of people they not only stole from, but enslaved. Muslims are on stolen Christian land, Christians are on stolen Pagan land, and the Pagans stole it from other Pagans.

And of course the Natives don't apologies for being on land they stole from other natives. Every square foot of land on earth has been conquered repeatedly by this or that tribe throughout history, Only Iceland, Polynesia and parts of Holland are inhabited by the first human beings to settle there. Won't stop leftist culture-war-mercenaries from trying to use guilt-trip-extortion tactics on them anyway.

Who owns the oceans? Most of the ocean was explored and charted by white people, should non-whites do an "acknowledgment of traditional oceans" every time they sail? Air travel was pioneered by white people, should every airline trip replace the safety demonstration with an "acknowledgment of traditional altitudes"? The internet was created by mostly white nerds, should every internet session start with an acknowledgment of traditional cyber-land"? Should whites demand extortion payments from anyone who flies, sails, or uses the internet? If there was no racial-double-standard at work here a mob like the one at Charlottesville (about 200?) should be able to split into groups of 20 and shut down the top 10 airports in the country.

Sound a bit provocative? Not the "dialogue" that Canada's president calls for everytime his country gets held hostage? Well, let me put it this way: Every heard of of how Brazil treats its natives? Any complaints from the left? No - proof the the CTRL left are bullies, targeting nice people, and that appeasement will only make them hate you more.

Victimhood Aristocracy
Every advanced country has had land-reform. In the French revolution peasants took land from aristocrats and the Catholic Church. In America, land including the property the White House is on, was taken from Loyalists. In Russia and China, they redistributed land from the landlords, and then redistricted again from the collective farms, in the 20th century alone. Even without revolution, hereditary aristocratic land-empires are whittled down by estate taxes - how many generations have passed by now?

But the CTRL-Left is a counter-revolutionary force. They, more than the KKK are working to bring back the ideas of racial privileges and aristocracy.

Joanna Lytton-Vasey 02-29-2020 05:42 PM

Re: Meanwhile, in Canada...
It's not all bad, is it, Brother Jeb? For example, this looks potentially useful.

Originally Posted by Jeb Stuart Thurmond (Post 1265073)
Today, the CTRL-Left gets people fired one at a time. In Canada/Your-Future, they fire random working-class people by the thousands.

Jeb Stuart Thurmond 02-29-2020 06:05 PM

Re: Meanwhile, in Canada...

Originally Posted by Joanna Lytton-Vasey (Post 1265074)
It's not all bad, is it, Brother Jeb? For example, this looks potentially useful.

Is there a smiley to indicate jealousy?

In these thinkpieces, I might be coming across as hostile, but that's not my intention. I'm angry because I'm jealous! This is everything the right is supposed to be doing, but don't because we're ruled by cuckservatives!

Darn it, next time I'm flying, I want to turn to the non-white trespasser next to me, say "you're welcome", and have him understand what the heck I'm talking about! "Oh yes, I understand that white people are the rightful owners of all altitudes above the height that black basketball players can jump, thanks for letting me visit!" You're welcome. "I understand that white people are the rightful owners of all ocean beyond canoe-range, I totally promise not to fill your property with non-white people's garbage". You're Welcome. "Thanks for the internet, I totally understand that white men had more to do with it than just being the cuckolded husband in all the black porn videos!" You're welcome.

And I'm envious of how they have such silver tongues, such a way with words. Next time Trump is accused of undermining democracy, I want to say "Trump isn't anti-democratic, he supports a governance structure that predates colonialism. When Trump puts tanks in the streets, he's just deconstructing colonialism!".

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