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Dennis Lukes 02-03-2019 11:00 PM

This Day in History: January 30th (Ghandi goes to Hell)
1649 - King Charles I of England is beheaded. The Puritans who end up taking over are fairly Godly, and institute many faith-based laws, such as stict observance of the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11).
1835 - The first attempted assassination of a US President. Richard Lawrence tries to shoot our Godly President Andrew Jackson, but fails and gets his ass kicked by Jackson himself. Can you imagine a sissy like Barack Obama fighting off a gunman? :rofl3:
1908 - In a stunning example of the failure of the revolving door prison system, Indian thug and terrorist leader Mahatma Ghandi is released from a South African prison. The world will regret this bureaucratic lapse in judgment.
1925 - The Turkish government expels the Orthodox Patriarch Constantine VI from Istanbul. Though the icon-worshipping Slavs are hardly Christian by any Biblical definition, the Muslim sand people lump them into the same category as True Christian Baptists, so this was a direct attack on us.

1930 - Proving the evil of the atheist Soviet Union, the Politburo orders the extermination of the kulaks (i.e. the peasants who worked harder than the others, and thus were able to own a bit more property and food).
1933 - Adolf Hitler, the deeply flawed (artistic tendencies, vegetarian, Catholic-turned-neo-pagan, never fathered any sons) but ultimately well-meaning leader of the Nazi Party, is sworn in as the Chancellor of Germany. He proceeds to make Germany great again.
1941 - Dick Cheney, the future Vice President and de facto President of the United States (2001-2009), and one of the greatest men of the 21st century, is born.

1948 - Don't ever let anyone tell you Hindus aren't violent. Injun Chief Mahatma Ghandi is shot dead and cast into Hell (thus ending his reign of terror) by a Hindu assassin.

1956 - Well-meaning but misled white conservative Christian men bomb the "crib" of the negro supremacist Martin Luther King, Jr. He is too dull to take the hint, and continues with his uppity ways.

1968 - The Viet Cong launch the Tet Offensive. Their most successful campaign of the war, they are quickly beaten by our brave American boys (and a bunch of hippies and negroes who got drafted because they were too cowardly to join voluntarily).

2006 - Coretta Scott King, MLK's "bottom bitch," joins her worthless husband in Hell.

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