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Johny Joe Hold 11-29-2021 03:31 PM

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Originally Posted by handmaiden (Post 1291715)
The "religion of peace" that you are currently practicing is a culturally specific version of Islam pieced together from parts of the Koran by people who decided to ignore other parts because it suited their needs.
People do the same thing all the time with the Bible. Congratulations on being just as deluded as most of the world's self-described Christians.

Well said, Sister Handy. It continues to amaze how many people discover our Godly site and think they need to tell us the truth. They need to hear the truth.

MitzaLizalor 11-30-2021 02:23 AM

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Originally Posted by Helenemort (Post 1291713)
This is crazy. God Allah loves all his creations. Women are just as good as men in my religion of peace. It is your false teachings that treat women badly. I can show my face in my country and get educated. I am married and well off and can afford the rural women to take care of the cooking and my children. You angry old man are the one God Allah hates. The Hajj will rise and you will fall. I cancount very well and do calculus too.

Perhaps in Egypt, a Christian nation admittedly with a Coptic pope but heretics can exist in any belief system, what you say applies.

But what calculus are you using to get from "religion of peace" to "the hajj will rise and you will fall?" What would "fall" look like in that context? Perhaps you inadvertently used a statistical function.

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