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upchucker67 03-11-2020 11:15 PM

Re: China Rescue Mission underway

Originally Posted by Isabella White (Post 1265446)
I highly recommend Kickerbocker, Applebaum & Associates.

I personally would like to refer to my lawyer, Roy Paulmer. He is the best. He'll do Skype calls. He is currently tied over my theonomist audit and unlawful dismissal from the youth group, but I'm sure he's got the wiggle room for an extra case if you have one.

BrotherLarry 03-12-2020 12:25 PM

Re: China Rescue Mission underway
So many reasons to be on my knees here in Key West. I just cannot put all those reasons in this small space.

The coronary viruses are all but eliminated and sent back to the pit from whence they elucidated. This is all due to the extraordinary supernatural power of the shed Blood of the Lamb. Once our time in sunny south Florida is complete I plan to treat my father to a surprise vacation in Italy with a large gathering of his friends. Then I will get back to the business of serving Jesus wherever I am sent.

Believe not the fake news continuing to Escalade on the media run news. You know God has spoken and His Will was done through the awesome power of Pastor Ezekiel and the leadership of President Donald Trump. We have four more years of peace and prosperity thanks to them. We have defeated the health problem of the decade just as Trump said we would. This had nothing to do with me. Give the Glory to our Sweet Sweet Savior. All I need are more generous donations for continued support of this work so there will be more neighbors in those mansions of Glory.

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