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BrotherLarry 06-29-2019 09:06 PM

Pray for Free, Untampered Elections
We've all seen what can happen when corruption, collusion, and obstruction enter in our nation's elections. Even in Freehold, it appears an honest campaign is hard to bring about. 2020 is getting closer and closer, which means we must ask the Lord Jesus to be the only outside influence in our democracy. We mustn't have folks feel disenfranchised because of gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that divides us. No. Every Republican white candidate should have the chance to win fair and square against qualified opponents. My pastor said so at Thursday prayer service when we watched the Democrat debate afterward.

I know everyone here agrees that whether our next president is Donald, Kamala, or Tulsi, we will support them with prayer and loyalty. My pastor said so during the after-debate refreshment time this past week after we prayed and watched the debate and had refreshments. He even said we should pray for that lady that wants to spread sage everywhere (isn't that witchcraft?) because she is loved by our Lord too. He said this as we were all leaving after the refreshment time which we had after watching the debate which we did after prayer service on Thursday.

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