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Romeo Rovagnati 03-04-2020 03:01 PM

Video Games are now part of the Catholic Church doctrine
Buongiorno Americani.

We all know that the current age brings alot of things that God may not like. An example would be Television. However, since there are Christian Channels on television (such as the cartoons on the Life of Jesus and his Saints), everything can be turned into a Christian thing. One great example would be when Sister Cristina decided to become a singer in the name of God and sang at "The Voice".

God did indeed gift her with a beautiful voice to spread his word.

And it won't stop there. I used to fear video games for most of my life as a priest. Fortunately, a fellow italian priest showed me the light and made me realize where i was wrong. The name of this man of God is Father Fabrizio Coppola, better known as "Father Joystick". Yes, as the name implies, he can teach you how to proprely hold it. And Father Joystick also predicted that the future of the Church is "Virtual Reality". While there are indeed some videogames that are satanic, there are also many videogames that can be used to teach the doctrine of the church to younger generations, and there are some that will surely be allowed, such as Kingdom Come: Deliverance that was made by a Christian Company in Croatia (even tough Croatia is a criminal state that stole some of Italy's territory during Tito's regime).

And there are many more games to come, such as Castlevania (that was surely made by americans), a Christian video game series. Now, who said that the Church founded by Jesus won't survive modern times? Just like in ancient times we did horse races in real life, in modern times we don't even need to disturb them anymore.

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