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Johny Joe Hold 06-14-2019 01:32 PM

Don't Expose Little Girls to Hello Kitty
I was appalled to read the promotion of lesbian Hello Kitty is coming to a place near Freehold. I have discouraged parents from buying their little girls Hello Kitty books and apparel. One sees almost none of it in Freehold.

Hello Kitty has been one of Satan's big successes. It features the "strong girl images" that lead to lesbianism and single career woman. You will notice the bib overalls Hello Kitty wears. They are the lesbian uniform.

A truck with Hello Kitty merchandise is going cross country selling its sin. I made it known the truck could not park in Freehold. It's promoters found a location near Freehold just to annoy me.

Dennis Lukes 06-14-2019 02:24 PM

Re: Don't Expose Little Girls to Hello Kitty
Awful. Absolutely awful, Mayor Hold. Frankly, I find the fact that cats are not mentioned in the Bible highly suspect. Sure, there are many creatures (such as giraffes and crocodiles) that are also not mentioned in the Bible, and Genesis would've been considerably longer if God had bothered to list every single species He created. Still, how can we be sure that demons did not decide to masquerade as a made-up species in order to move around amongst us undetected? Cats are frequently seen as the familiars of witches. Coincidence? I think not!

It's no wonder that the heathen Japs are so obsessed with cats. They even build idols to worship these feline demons!

Whenever a cat demon comes lurking around my property, I always shoot it dead. So if this "Hello Kitty" ever shows up trying to curse me, it'll be the last thing it ever does.

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