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Dr. Anthony J. Toole 04-27-2019 09:57 AM

The 2nd sphincter
Friends, I have heard rumors on the Internet about a fabled place that is considered by some a homosexual nirvana. We all know from the testimony of one or two - in fact many - of our senior Church members, and Pastors and several Republican Congressmen, about the pleasures of the sphincter. Desires that may only be quenched by the animal lust of penetration or being penetrated by a male organ. With God's help it is a temptation we resist every day.

However, I am appalled to inform you of another place - a 2nd sphincter, deep, deep inside the anal pouch. You see, the anus is a ring of muscle that automatically clamps onto an intruding entity. Given time to loosen up, and given an intruding organ of significant length, there is apparantly a second opening in a secret passage sometimes referred to as the sigmoid that can be entered only by the knowledgable. For those it is considered the next level of homosexuality that gives access to higher levels of sexual gratification than ever known previously.
I have a doc johnson 18"crystal jelly (1.7"D), I had practiced with cucumbers up to 15", until I could get them all the way in, it hurt a bit, but I took my time, relaxed, and relubed a couple times. I just got this 18" dildo two days ago. first day I got 15" in, today I took it all, my eyes about popped out! I LOVE IT, many people ask why someone would want to go that deep, they don't know what they are missing. You can do it, just relax, when it stops,back off an inch or two,and try again.
I urge you Brothers in good faith to not think about this matter at all. Don't think about what it feels like to enter the 2nd chamber, don't think for a moment about having that button pressed deep inside you that releases all the tension. Tighten up, get to your prayer closets, sit and pray hard.

BrotherLarry 05-01-2019 05:08 PM

Re: The 2nd sphincter
Wise Brother Toole:

It's been all I could do not to jump in on your 2nd sphincter. I wanted to give the other men a chance to enjoy it and reflect upon the many wonderful things found within it.

Homers are coming to Jesus daily, and when they do, they learn there is so much more to life than the physical pleasures of their former sinful lives. Once a flaming faggot cries out to Jesus for rescue from the demonic queer demons who demonically ruined their evacuatory systems, Christ touches every part of them deeply and HEALS them.

I know it's disgusting for the average, normal, hetero male to comprehend why a man would ever explore what seems an unnatural way to derive bodily pleasure. Without researching it thoroughly, I confess that I wondered myself. But then, in the interest of glorifying God, I gave myself over (while prayerfully asking God to protect me) so that I could COMPLETELY know what it is the homer is feeling when caught up in sinful sins.

Hallelujah, not only did God protect me, but I am now able to better minister to men at the depths they require using special tools that the LORD gave me. I hope that all men will not shy away from reaching the gay community. Those of us who do so daily will reap large rewards when we hear "Well done," at the end of life's journey. PRAISE GOD!

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