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Isabella White 06-13-2019 03:24 PM

Re: The Queen's Greatest Moments
Oh, dear friends: I think it's high time that the British people update that "Royal" family. It's been an institution for what, over 1,000 years now? They all look so bored and stodgy, just going through the motions of pomp and ceremony -- bowing to each other, giving each other fancy titles, and waving endlessly. Yes, we all know they put on a real show with their parades, horses, coaches, crowns, etc., but really, it IS just a show, is it not?

What they need is a new approach, some fresh blood, a modernization of a creaky old establishment, new life to push away all of the dust and clutter. And I know of just the ideal people to take on that challenge!

A blessed day to all,
Sincerley, Isabella W.

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