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Johny Joe Hold 05-03-2022 02:11 PM

Why Do Iowa Homers and Harlots Get All the Money?
It just burns me up when some wealthy person dies and instead of leaving money to Landover Baptist they leave it to sin. Today there is a big story about $45 million left by a childless couple who had no moral direction. The money will be put into a fund and several organizations fueled by homerism and harlot women will get money every year forever to cavort around and flaunt their victory for Satan.

The widow died most recently. Some of us tried to call her before she died. We left messages telling her about Landover's wonderful war on sin and what a Godly legacy she would leave by giving us her money. She did not even return our calls.

If you were to put on the wall the winners of her estate it would be a rouge's gallery of sin. There is a live theater group, (profanity, homer-themed plays) a huge art gallery (nudity) and the YMCA (housing for homers). Sometimes rich people want to give Satan all their money.

Record $45 million from Harriet, Locke Macomber funds Iowa nonprofits (

MitzaLizalor 05-04-2022 05:24 AM

Re: Why Do Iowa Homers and Harlots Get All the Money?

Originally Posted by Johny Joe Hold (Post 1298027)

How can an Episcopalian Cathedral be short of a few million? I noticed they have on the payroll a Right Reverend, a Reverend, a Very Reverend and two more garden variety Reverends calling themselves Bishops, Provosts, Deans and Deacons.

I have strong dubiousness that an Anglican "deacon" is anything much like a Baptist deacon. Anyway, this denomination is one of the world's biggest landowners including plenty of palaces — especially when moving up the career ladder, for one to reside in — and not in low-value places.

Mind boggled.

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