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Unfalsifiable 06-26-2022 01:43 PM

Has Any One Checked on Old Man Hatchet?
I'm concerned that Landover Forum's 18th member Old Man Hatchet hasn't been seen online for a while.

How he used to love logging in and scolding the young unsaved trash floating through the forum. He put many of them to rights and has no doubt saved countless souls.

I don't know his living arrangements; presumably he has plenty of Help ensuring he's in his favorite chair with all the boiled candies and hot toddy he needs. But when you read stories like this Irish bogmonster getting discovered 18 years later one can't help but think of our Forum elite of days gone by.

WWJDnow 06-26-2022 02:03 PM

Re: Has Any One Checked on Old Man Hatchet?
I haven't seen him in the last several years, but I wouldn't worry. If it weren't for the Rapture being nearly upon us, Old Man Hatchet would have outlived Methuselah.

Unfalsifiable 06-26-2022 05:29 PM

Re: Has Any One Checked on Old Man Hatchet?
I note he disappeared around the time the Coronavirus hoax was starting. I assume his spare time is spent vaccinating the youth population with the love of Christ or something, but I thought I might check here.

WWJDnow 06-29-2022 09:24 AM

Re: Has Any One Checked on Old Man Hatchet?
I've given this a lot of thought, and I have concluded that the Christian thing to do is to send somebody to check on Old Man Hatchet. The person I selected for this task is in the best possible position to help if anything is amiss. That person is Jesus. So I have prayed to ask Jesus to investigate. I'll let you all know if Jesus reports back that there is any trouble.

James Hutchins 06-30-2022 12:28 AM

Re: Has Any One Checked on Old Man Hatchet?
OMH sponsored me when I first joined LBC as a child. He has not aged a day since. I still have a pronounced dent in the back of my skull from his cane when I brought him cold tea.
I am sure he is fine, just too busy to pick up the phone when I call. His girl, Lucinda always says he is too busy to speak.

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