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Mary Etheldreda 09-28-2017 03:53 AM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King

Originally Posted by Brother Gonzalez (Post 1220620)
The Great Wall Builder, The One With More Rating than Schwarzennegger.


GoodChristianGal69 11-13-2017 10:15 PM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King
God wants that :)


Originally Posted by Pim Pendergast (Post 1219689)
I think it's worth adding that a woman cannot be a legitimate monarch. We can read Scottish Reformer John Knox's First Blast of the Trumpet
Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women
, in which he refuses to acknowledge Mary Tudor and Mary Queen of Scots as the rightful rulers of England and Scotland respectively.

He bases his argument on nature and passages such as 1 Timothy 2:12 -- "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

Basilissa 12-12-2017 02:51 AM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King
Once President Trump (:wub:) a.k.a. The Best World Leader Ever, becomes a president for life, that is king, we should create some of the rules that work so wonderfully in places such as North Korea or Russia.


1. Every time King Trump speaks in public, people should be obligated to attend, to avoid any lies about small crowds. People not attending events happening within 60 miles of their place of residence should be considered for sending to hard labor camps (a.k.a. private prisons) - especially serial offenders.

2. Every time King Trump stops speaking, there should be a minimum 10 minutes of enthusiastic standing ovations following the speech. Antisocial individuals who stop clapping a few seconds early or do not clap enthusiastically enough should also be considered for sending to hard labor camps.

3. Every inappropriate joke regarding King Trump (including but not limited to his hair, complexion, twitting, pussy grabbing, hand size, etc) should be punished with 10 years of hard labor for the joke-teller and 5 years for the listeners. Cumulative sentences should apply for telling multiple jokes.

4. Tank parades, including showing off King Trump's missiles. Every great leader of the world loves those, and King Trump is the Greatest Leader Ever. :wub:

5. Free press - nah, we really don't need it. King Trump should join Fox News with Breitbart and close all of the other networks. While the internet may pose a problem (such as fake news continuing to come from foreign countries), China has solved that problem by banning access to all of the suspicious (foreign) IP's. King Trump should follow that example.

6. Early childhood education. It is crucial that all children be educated to read the Bible, worship Jesus, and support King Trump. All textbooks should be edited to exclude evolution, include Bible-based science only, and cultivate love of our Beloved Leader.

That would MAKE :america: GREAT AGAIN!

Johny Joe Hold 12-12-2017 04:52 AM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King

Originally Posted by Basilissa (Post 1225356)
Once President Trump (:wub:) a.k.a. The Best World Leader Ever, becomes a president for life, that is king, we should create some of the rules that work so wonderfully in places such as North Korea or Russia.
That would MAKE :america: GREAT AGAIN!

You are doing the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we need in this country, Sister Basilissa. We are so used to elections and Presidents who come and go we have never really thought, "What if we have a President we want to be our King?"

President Trump is the perfect one to segue into a new era with a King and his royal family. We need to have a plan. The rules you set out are a good start.

Prayer Warrior 12-13-2017 10:44 AM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King

Nearly two-thirds of Republicans — 66 percent — classified as “always Trump” supporters agreed that “because things have gotten so far off track in this country, we need a leader who is willing to break some rules if that’s what it takes to set things right.”

More than half of all Republicans — 55 percent — or Republican-leaning independents share the same view as “always Trump” backers on rule-breaking.

That support for authoritarian rule-breaking was also shared by 35 percent of “never Trump” Republicans.

It is important to have rules in place for the occasional Obama or Clinton that cheat their way into the Whitehouse, but when you have someone as great as Trump in office, they just do more harm than good. Even many of the "Never Trump" Republicans (which I don't know why these people still exist) agree that Trump should violate the rules in order to get this country back on track.

I think most Americans agree. Having laws only gets in the way of Trump's ability to rule. He should just be made king already so he doesn't have to go through those burdensome courts or Congress.

There is a clear historical basis for this. Back when sissy courts tried to get us to uphold our treaties with native Americans, our great former President Andrew Jackson, who is now on our commonly used $20 bills decided to simply ignore it and force those tree loving hippy dippy native Americans out so Godly capitalism and Jesus loving Americans could make a bigger profit. Shredding up those no-good agreements signed by former leaders that didn't know what they were doing in the process.


The CHEROKEES of Georgia, on the other hand, used legal action to resist. The Cherokee people were by no means frontier savages. By the 1830s they developed their own written language, printed newspapers and elected leaders to representative government. When the government of Georgia refused to recognize their autonomy and threatened to seize their lands, the Cherokees took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court and won a favorable decision. John Marshall's opinion for the Court majority in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia was essentially that Georgia had no jurisdiction over the Cherokees and no claim to their lands. But Georgia officials simply ignored the decision, and President Jackson refused to enforce it. Jackson was furious and personally affronted by the Marshall ruling, stating, "Mr. Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it!"

Finally, federal troops came to Georgia to remove the tribes forcibly. As early as 1831, the army began to push the Choctaws off their lands to march to Oklahoma. In 1835, some Cherokee leaders agreed to accept western land and payment in exchange for relocation. With this agreement, the TREATY OF NEW ECHOTA, Jackson had the green light to order Cherokee removal. Other Cherokees, under the leadership of CHIEF JOHN ROSS, resisted until the bitter end. About 20,000 Cherokees were marched westward at gunpoint on the infamous TRAIL OF TEARS. Nearly a quarter perished on the way, with the remainder left to seek survival in a completely foreign land.

Doesn't this sound just like our beloved Trump? I can just imagine him saying something along the lines of "The Supreme Court ruled in favor of keeping Muslims in the country. Now let's see them enforce it!" or "I know presidents in the past agreed that we will honor our debts but I see things differently. I'm declaring bankruptcy on the USA. We may owe China some debt, but let's see them try to enforce it!"

I don't know what we're waiting for. We should just put Trump in our currency right now. I'm thinking the $5 bill. What did that Abraham Lincoln ever do that was so great anyway? I wouldn't want to remove Andrew Jackson from our currency considering the wonderful example he sets for our nation and especially our children.

Brother Gonzalez 01-12-2018 01:44 AM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King
God has spoken to me this afternoon, in my daily nap.
He told me we should address Donald as "His smartness".

So I will.

Johny Joe Hold 02-26-2018 07:24 PM

Re: The Biblical Case for Making Trump King
Everyone would agree we are at turning point in world history. Now the Chinese are making an alarming and brilliant move. They are doing away with term limits so the smartest and most experienced man can maintain control of that country.

This means trouble for the U. S. unless we adjust our own laws accordingly. What will we do if President Trump is no long President? We will be unable to compete with China.

We need to change our Constitution immediately and name Donald Trump President, or King, for life.

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